Monday, 16 September 2019

Number of foreign students enrolled at Czech universities has tripled |
13 August 2019

More and more foreigners are heading to the Czech Republic to get an education, according to new data from the Ministry of Interior. In fifteen years the number of foreigners attending Czech academic institutions has increased three-fold with foreigners making up 15 percent of all students at university in the Czech Republic.

CNN: Prague Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in the world |
12 August 2019

American television station CNN has compiled a list of the World's Most Beautiful Castles that encompasses a variety of destinations from French Chambord to Istanbul's Topkapi Palace and Neuschwanstein in Bavaria. Prague Castle also made the list of 21 historical fortifications deemed among the world's most fascinating.

Pedal-powered beer boat on Prague's Vltava river is already caught up in controversy |
12 August 2019

A new Prague tourist attraction, a pedal-powered beer boat, has been launched on the Vltava river, and local authorities are already looking at ways to limit it. The operator of the Prague Cycle Boat is the same company, Prague Pub Crawl, that runs the pedal-powered beer bikes.

Limited-edition Prague-themed cups to encourage the reduction of plastic waste |
12 August 2019

If you've hung out on Prague's riverbanks lately you may have spied reusable cups adorned with a waterfront motif by award-winning Czech illustrator Nikola Logosová. Launched in late June, the limited-edition returnables are meant to increase the use of this environmentally friendly beverage packaging at farmers' markets and other events.

Drunk Czech man mistakes bank for bedroom sleeps naked by ATM |
9 August 2019

A Zlín resident was in for quite the surprise went he went to withdraw cash from the local ATM in the Czech city on Tuesday morning.

Inside the bank doors he discovered a man sleeping naked on the ground, his pants draped over the ATM and shoes and socks on the radiator.

Zlín police were immediately notified, and arrived at the scene in four minutes.

After being awakened by police, the 64-year-old man could not recall how he ended up in the bank, or indeed any details from the previous night. He last remembered arriving to the Moravian city the day before.

City Hall unveils YouTube video pitching Prague’s advantages for foreigners and new businesses |
9 August 2019

Prague City Hall has made a YouTube video to highlight the advantages of living in the city to do business. The two-minute clip has text in English and is aimed at attracting foreign entrepreneurs. The city, in part, wants to attract people and businesses who are looking for a new EU base due to Brexit.

No big fireworks show in Prague for the new year, City Hall opts for a videomapping instead

By Raymond Johnston | |
9 August 2019

Prague City Hall unanimously decided that the New Year’s Day celebrations on January 1, 2020 will be without traditional fireworks. There will be a videomapping instead. While many people may miss the big show, the change comes as no surprise. The Pirate Party, which currently leads the city’s ruling coalition, announced even before the show at the start of 2019 that they were seeking alternatives.

The majority of Prague tourists are unaware of its nighttime rules says a new survey

By Katrina Modra | |
9 August 2019

Those of us who live in Prague may be familiar with the 10 pm “night rest” noise restrictions or the ban on openly boozing in the streets — rules that can carry steep fines if violated. But the city wants to let tourists know that not everything goes in the land of stag parties and all-night herna bars.

Prague will start measuring air pollution from cars at road stops

By Raymond Johnston | |
8 August 2019

Prague currently does not check emission compliance on moving vehicles, but that is changing. City representatives, Municipal Police and Technical Inspection Stations (STK) signed a memorandum of cooperation that will allow for cars to be inspected while they are in operation. A particular problem is cars with particulate filters removed or damaged. Prague has been seeking to reduce air pollution from vehicles in the long term.

Hand-picked by locals: Prague’s best American eats

By Elizabeth Haas | |
8 August 2019

Isaac Starobin came to Prague 10 years ago. “I was working as a chef in New York and had always wanted to live abroad, but I was totally focused on my career and it seemed absurd to drop everything and disappear,” he says. Prague’s expat community is certainly glad he stayed. The young chef’s initial foray into the city’s culinary scene, Vinohrady cocktail bar Dirty Dog, morphed into a thriving catering business and one of the city’s first burger stands, a true pioneer in what has become a rather crowded food-truck culture in the Czech capital.

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