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Prague books |
29 July 2009

Reading on Prague and the Czech Republic

Bronson, The Accidental Husband, Crank: High Voltage |
24 July 2009

An overindulgent take on "Britain's most famous prisoner", Nicolas Winding Refn's Bronson is a striking but strangely aloof film that would have been better served had the director shown a little restraint.

River Film Fest |
24 July 2009

The opening edition of RIVER FILM FEST is the first major film event to be held in the city of Písek after a gap of several decades.

SaSaZu |
23 July 2009

Dining soft-shell crabs at SaSaZu, an Asian-inspired restaurant in Holešovická tržnice.

Dating in Prague |
22 July 2009

Prague is known as one of the world's most romantic cities, but if you are single it can be a lonely place.

Global Concepts International School |
24 June 2009

A Montessori education with all the comforts of home

Silvia Josifoska |
8 July 2009

A chat with this Slovak jazz singer

Století |
20 July 2009

Solid Czech food with an artistic finesse: Jacy Meyer dines at this Old Town venue.

Třeboň |
20 July 2009

This South Bohemian town offers nature, beer and history for all.

Home Sweet Home |
15 July 2009

From a music hobby to real estate

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