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Prague Daily Monitor

Pride in Prague

By Maria Martin | Prague Daily Monitor |
29 Aug 2019

Prague Monitor's correspondent Maria attended the Prague Pride festival earlier this month to find out what pride means to people.

Don't Miss: Tea, wine and film noir

By Narmin Ismiyeva | Prague Daily Monitor |
23 Aug 2019

This weekend, you can taste wine and street food along the shores of Vltava, participate in a large-scale tea ceremony at Vyšehrad or visit the Křivoklát Castle where the beset noir movies will be screened.

In Search of Prague

By Ileana Lobkowicz | Prague Daily Monitor |
22 Aug 2019

It's easier to eat than it is to pronounce. It's crispy. It's fluffy. It's heavenly. It's trdelník. The plethora of trdelník stands and shops advertise their product as a "traditional Czech pastry" or an "old Bohemian specialty." But how traditional is it?

Tomáš Král: A dialogue between text and melody is what I am trying to grasp

By Ona Jarmalavičiūtė | Prague Daily Monitor |
28 Aug 2019

Czech vocalist Tomáš Král fell in love with early music when it wasn't very popular in his home country. Now, he says, going to Baroque music concerts is considered trendy.

Don't Miss: Velvet Comedy Show, Latino Anděl and Festival of Illustration

By Narmin Ismiyeva | Prague Daily Monitor |
19 Aug 2019

On Wednesday, the pedestrian zone at Anděl will turn into a setting for a huge fiesta with meals, drinks and music from Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, or Brazil. Read below for more highlights of the week.

Don't Miss: Beer festival, Etnopicnic and tango on the roof

By Narmin Ismiyeva | Prague Daily Monitor |
16 Aug 2019

What to do in Prague this weekend? Drink beer in Fata Morgana greenhouse, watch martial art performances while tasting exotic food from Asia, recover with a yoga-vegan brunch session on Sunday morning and end it in the rhythm of tango on the Lucerna Rooftop.

Don't Miss: Barrel organ players, skywalking and Prague Burlesque

By Narmin Ismiyeva | Prague Daily Monitor |
12 Aug 2019

An international meeting of barrel organ players and Letní Letná tightrope walk opening are among the highlights of this week.

Don't Miss: Jewish monuments, Beats, and SWAP Prague Market

By Narmin Ismiyeva | Prague Daily Monitor |
9 Aug 2019

Are you making plans for the weekend? We've highlighted five events, including a day of Jewish monuments, a summer cinema, and SWAP Prague Market!

In Search of Prague

By Ileana Lobkowicz | Prague Daily Monitor |
9 Aug 2019

Paper or plastic? You won't be asked this question at Bezobalu — the zero-waste shop and non-profit organization dedicated to minimizing Prague's waste, one less package at a time. Read below to learn about Bezobalu's methods to prevent waste production.

The consistency, yet diversity, of Prague's rains

By Narmin Ismiyeva | Prague Daily Monitor |
8 Aug 2019

Every city has its unique rain culture. Prague is not an exception. Its rains are as diverse as students, who come here for Erasmus exchange programs. Recently, my colleagues and I came up with three basic characteristics of Prague rains. These, of course, provide a very general idea of what Prague rains look and feel like without specifying all the possible varieties (if one goes into the depths of the topic, they face the risk of drowning).

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