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DesignSUPERMARKET11 at Divadlo Archa

Prague TV |
6 December 2011

This year's DesignSUPERMARKET will feature new names and video-mapping.

Quiet revolution

Prague TV |
6 December 2011

Mary Matz discusses dramatic changes in ballet with dancer/choreographer Jan Kodet.

Metronomy at Lucerna Music Bar

Prague TV |
5 December 2011

Promoting one of 2011's most-acclaimed records, Metronomy sail into Lucerna Music Bar tonight.

Beenie Man plays Lucerna

Prague TV |
1 December 2011

Beenie Man & Zagga Zow Band play Lucerna Music Bar this Sunday.

Bohemian Like You night at MeetFactory

Prague TV |
30 November 2011

High Places top the bill at the latest Bohemian Like You night, at MeetFactory on Sunday, 4 December.

National Theatre Live: Collaborators

Prague TV |
28 November 2011

Bio Oko screens Collaborators, live from the National Theatre in London, on Thursday, 1 December.

Respect Plus: Mahala Raï Banda

Prague TV |
24 November 2011

Mahala Raï Banda plays Palác Akropolis today as part of the Respekt Plus world music concert series.

Best Prague blogs in English

Prague TV |
23 November 2011

Isabella Woods surveys the expat blogosphere and picks out her favorites.

XIV. Festival of Swing Music

Prague TV |
22 November 2011

November's Festival of Swing Music presents legends of genre, Harlemania, and three blues queens.

Fink in Prague

Prague TV |
16 November 2011

The British songster Fink is headed to Prague for the first time!

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