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Lisa Peschel: Rediscovering the forgotten theatre of Terezín

19 January 2009

Terezín (ČTK)

Terezín had a thriving cultural life. This included theatre, a fact that gripped the imagination of the American theatrical historian, Lisa Peschel.

Early starts normal for Czechs, especially country dwellers

19 January 2009

Czechs are early risers, something often credited to the 19th century emperor Franz Joseph, a reputed insomniac who insisted all the members of his court be ready to start business every morning at 6am.

Václav Havel in underground poetry exhibit opens in Prague

Radio Prague |
15 January 2009

Plastic People of the Universe (ČTK)

A new exhibition presents Havel as inspiration for poets from the unofficial Czech culture of the 1970s and 80s.

Czech mountain found to contain indium

Radio Prague |
14 January 2009

Krušné hory. (COURTESY)

German scientists have reportedly discovered deposits of the rare metallic element indium in the Krušné Hory mountains on the north-eastern Czech border.

Document sheds new light on Palach’s suicide forty years on

Radio Prague |
13 January 2009

Days before his death, Jan Palach called on Charles University students to occupy the Czechoslovak Radio building and call a general strike.

Expert on Russia comments on gas supplies cut-off

Radio Prague |
8 January 2009

An expert on Russian affairs, Oldřich Bureš, is commenting on what he believes is behind the Russian gas cut-off.

Tereza Brdečková: perspectives on truth, history and cosmopolitanism

5 January 2009

Tereza Brdečková

She's an author with a particular interest in the importance of not forgetting the past and in the ways individuals tell their stories.

How could Klaus impact the Czech EU presidency?

Radio Prague |
2 January 2009

Though President Václav Klaus's position is largely symbolic, his fiery anti-EU rhetoric has been receiving a great deal of international attention – and leading many to ask what impact he is likely to have on the Czech presidency.

30,000 guests, 3,000 meetings, 1,500 lapel pins - Czechs prepare for presidency

Radio Prague |
31 December 2008

We’ve heard a lot recently about priorities and agendas, Eurosceptic presidents and divided parliaments, but what about the practical side of it all? What will actually happen here when the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve?

Czech author's works now in public domain

Radio Prague |
31 December 2008

Karel Čapek. (ČTK)

Karel Čapek's works enter the public domain as Czechs mark 70 years since his death. Čapek is known for coining the term "robot" in his 1921 play Rossum’s Universal Robots.

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