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Radio Prague

Rare Plastic People footage unearthed for series of collector’s DVDs

Radio Prague |
1 June 2009

Former band member Ivan Bierhanzl and filmmaker Keith Jones have embarked upon an ambitious project to make a series of DVDs dedicated to the ‘Plastici’, but not, necessarily, as you know them.

Airfare back with new album, dates in Slovakia

Radio Prague |
28 May 2009

The Czech band recently released the follow up to their successful Hotel Moscow, a new album provocatively called Do You like My Shit?

Czech steel city suffers from demand slump

Radio Prague |
27 May 2009

The downturn has been dramatic for an industry that caused Ostrava to be dubbed the steel heart of the Czech Republic.

George Mraz – Czech bass player who has accompanied veritable Who's Who of jazz musicians

Radio Prague |
25 May 2009

At least in terms of the musicians he has played with George Mraz may well be the most successful Czech in the history of jazz.

Politics and the Golden Foot at the 1980 Olympics

Radio Prague |
22 May 2009

Part of the American response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 was a threat to boycott the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics. The Soviet troops stayed put and the boycott went ahead, initiated by US President Jimmy Carter. To a greater or lesser extent, dozens of countries joined the protest.

Špotáková describes 'path to Olympic gold' in new book

Radio Prague |
20 May 2009

In the course of one season, she took Olympic gold in Beijing, smashed the women's javelin world record and was voted Czech Athlete of the Year. On Tuesday, Barbora Špotáková released a book telling her story so far.

Cult Czech comic Čtyřlístek turns 40

Radio Prague |
18 May 2009

Three generations of Czechs have been raised on the adventures of Bobík, Myšpulín, Fifinka and Pinďa – the stars of the comic Čtyřlístek.

Bedřich Hrozný – re-discoverer of the Hittite language

Radio Prague |
14 May 2009

The Czech orientalist deciphered the forgotten language of the Hittites and became the first to hear their words in 3000 years.

1970s plan to build Czechoslovak island revealed

Radio Prague |
13 May 2009

According to a newspaper report from Tuesday, engineers in modern Czechoslovakia planned to build an underground rail tunnel all the way to the Adriatic Coast – and to create an artificial island that would have belonged to Czechoslovakia.

Treason? Politicians scrap over whether Klaus must sign Lisbon Treaty

Radio Prague |
13 May 2009

Three Civic Democratic senators who went to see President Václav Klaus on Tuesday said they now have the required seventeen signatures necessary to send a new complaint over the Lisbon Treaty to the Constitutional Court. This they will do, they said, within two months.

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