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Radio Prague

Contemporary musicians record cover versions of classic Semafor hits

Radio Prague |
29 September 2009

To honour the output of songwriting duo Jiří Suchý and Jiří Šlitr, and the theatre’s 50th birthday, nearly 20 young Czech bands have got together to make an album of cover versions of Semafor songs.

Angry farmers halt national highway traffic over milk prices

Radio Prague |
30 June 2009

Czech dairy farmers took to the highways Monday morning to bring the nation's traffic to a snail's pace for two hours. Protesting the critically low purchase price of milk - and what they see as a lack of political will to do anything about it – nearly 2,000 dairy farmers overran 20 highways in seven regions.

Call for state funding of political parties to be halved

Radio Prague |
24 September 2009

Czech political parties have probably never been at a lower level of public estimation. So a proposal to halve the generous cash payments to parties by the state as part of the overall belt tightening looks like a popular and winning move. The only problem is that most of the parties do not to share the enthusiasm.

Plans for railway model of Czech Republic

Radio Prague |
25 September 2009

The owners of Prague's Railroad Kingdom are planning is to expand to a remarkable 1,000 square metres – and build a kind of mini Czech Republic.

Poland and ČR possible partners in US defence

Radio Prague |
23 September 2009

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Kohout was in New York on Monday for talks with US Secretary of State Hillary Clintoossible on future cooperation in US missile defence, a move to apparently reassure US partners in Europe that the US wasn’t abandoning the region.

Prestigious World Press Photo 2008 opens in Prague

Radio Prague |
21 September 2009

Winning photos highlight major events from last year – from the election of US President Barack Obama to scenes of conflict such as the war between Russia and Georgia.

Špindlerův Mlýn gets ready for Extreme Golf tournament

Radio Prague |
21 September 2009

Four years ago, three friends including well-known Czech golf pro Alan Babický got it into their heads to bring Extreme Golf to the Czech Republic.

Prague Planetarium goes digital

Radio Prague |
22 September 2009

A new, state-of-the-art, projection system allows onlookers to witness the skies as they were hundreds of years ago.

Political analyst Jiří Pehe: the present crisis will strengthen democracy in the Czech Republic

Radio Prague |
18 September 2009

The recent weeks of political turmoil in the Czech Republic have left many questions unanswered – primarily what kind of government will rule the country until regular elections in the spring of next year.

Astronomer Jiří Grygar on a life of promoting stargazing and scepticism

Radio Prague |
17 September 2009

It’s pretty fair to say that anybody in the Czech Republic who knows anything about astronomy has learned at least some of it from Dr. Jiří Grygar.

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