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Radio Prague

Exhibition celebrates Czech patron saint

22 December 2008

The National Gallery together with the Prague Archbishopric, organised a special exhibition at St Agnes' Convent in Prague entitled King Wenceslas – the Patron of the Czech lands.

It’s gigs a go go in today’s Prague

22 December 2008

2008 could well have been the best year for visiting bands that the Czech capital has ever seen.

A Christmas message from the survivors of Lidice in 1945

19 December 2008

Lidice (ČTK)

Only one Lidice family had survived the massacre intact: Josef Horák was one of two young pilots from the village who had fled at the beginning of the occupation.

MP and finance minister trade insult, finger gesture

19 December 2008

On Wednesday, the parliament floor witnessed the shadow health minister David Rath and the finance minister Miroslav Kalousek trade insults: the former in words, the latter, using "the finger".

The expat entrepreneurs

Radio Prague |
18 December 2008

Bryn Perkins (Courtesy)

This is the story of three English-speaking expats, who arrived in Prague during the post-Velvet Revolution "golden-age" and ended up becoming entrepreneurs.

To fight, or not to fight the economic slowdown?

Radio Prague |
17 December 2008

The Czech economy is slowing down, though at present it has managed to stave off a recession. What, if anything, can the Czech Republic do to boost its economy?

A Proustian moment in 1960s Czechoslovak Radio

12 December 2008

Václav Havel

In the mid-1960s Václav Havel answered 33 questions of Marcel Proust in a Czechoslovak radio programme.

Akord project aims to improve doctors’ services

Radio Prague |
11 December 2008

In January, the largest Czech health insurer VZP will launch a project, entitled Akord (Accord), aimed at improving doctors’ services and believed to cut down on time spent in the waiting room.

‘More junkies than gangsters’ – Czech rap scene explored in new film

Radio Prague |
8 December 2008

Česká RAPublika poster (Courtesy)

Česká RAPublika is a new documentary following the lives of some of the best-known names in Czech rap.

Why can’t diacritics be used in Czech internet addresses?

5 December 2008

The body which oversees the Czech internet (all sites ending .cz) is called CZ.NIC. Its young director Ondřej Filip explains the arguments against diacritics.

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