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Radio Prague

Czechs top the list of Europe’s biggest shoplifters

Radio Prague |
18 November 2008

Shoplifting is a serious problem in the Czech Republic. Last year, almost ten billion crowns worth of goods was stolen from shops across the country.

LN uncovers details of police attack ahead of Vietnamese man’s death

Radio Prague |
17 March 2009

Police (ČTK)

The new evidence suggests Vietnamese man Hoang Son Lam died following an attack led by one of three policemen who were waiting to pick him up as a suspected heroin dealer in his Brno flat 4 January.

Substitution treatment for drug addicts to become more widely available

Radio Prague |
13 November 2008

Substitution treatment for hard drug users in the Czech Republic may become more widely available in the future.

Dispossessed Czechs win compensation battle for Subcarpathian Ruthenia property

Radio Prague |
7 July 2009

A small group of Czechs who have been seeking justice for almost 70 years have now been promised they will be compensated for property lost before and after World War II.

Social needs of survivors, private property restitution top agenda of Prague Holocaust conference

Radio Prague |
1 July 2009

The five-day conference on Holocaust era assets, held as the final major event of the Czech EU presidency, came to a close in Prague on Tuesday. Representatives of more than 40 countries around the world adopted the Terezín Declaration – a set of guidelines aimed at providing better care for Holocaust survivors, as well as at easing the restitution of property stolen during the Holocaust.

Romani language dying out in ČR

Radio Prague |
16 June 2009

The Romani language is dying out in the Czech Republic, but not as rapidly as some had feared, suggests a survey conducted by linguists at Prague’s Charles University.

Footage of Czech Roma camping in Toronto airport fuels visa duty speculation

Radio Prague |
4 June 2009

Images of several Czech Romany families setting up home in a Toronto airport were aired by Canadian television, fuelling speculation that visa restrictions may well be reintroduced for Czechs traveling to Canada.

ČR faces uphill battle to win EU-wide retort to Canadian visas

Radio Prague |
16 July 2009

The Czech demand for a tit-for-tat retort with the EU imposing visas across the board on all Canadians will certainly not be a swift revenge and could very well not materialise at all.

Flash floods take heavy toll

Radio Prague |
30 June 2009

Clean-up operations are underway in the southern and eastern parts of the Czech Republic where 62 towns and villages were hit by heavy floods in the past few days.

The joys of collecting mushrooms and ticks

Radio Prague |
27 July 2009

Every cloud has a silver lining, so they say. But the many clouds that have constituted the Czech summer so far have a sort of golden-yellow hue for me. That is the colour of the chanterelle mushroom or liška in Czech.

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