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Radio Prague

Czech media get to grips with stringent new reporting rules

Radio Prague |
2 April 2009

A stringent new media law has just taken effect in the Czech Republic, restricting the use of official information, including telephone wire-taps.

Musher Jana Henychová on dog sledding

Radio Prague |
3 April 2009

Last month Czech dog sled racer Jana Henychová made history by becoming the first female foreign national to take part in Norway’s Finnmarkslopet, the world’s northern-most race.

'Hooligans and swindlers': the communist regime and the Plastic People

Radio Prague |
3 April 2009

In the 1970s the communist authorities tolerated popular music as long as it was insipid, colourless and unoriginal – everything that the Czech psychedelic rock band The Plastic People of the Universe most definitely was not.

Working at NY's Met "special", says Czech conductor of Rusalka Jiří Bělohlávek

Radio Prague |
1 April 2009

Antonín Dvořák's Rusalka has just been performed for the last time this season at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. The Met's production starred the soprano Renee Fleming and was directed by the renowned Czech conductor Jiří Bělohlávek.

Back to future overhaul of Prague's Karlovo náměstí under consideration

Radio Prague |
1 April 2009

Prague's biggest square, Karlovo náměstí could be getting a facelift which could transform it from being a scrappy green traffic intersection into something much more attractive.

Minister pledges to abolish pig farm in Lety

Radio Prague |
27 January 2009

For years, numerous Czech governments promised but failed to abolish an infamous pig farm in Lety, built in the 1970s at the site of a former concentration camp. The newly-appointed minister for human rights and ethnic minorities, Michael Kocáb, has expressed his own commitment to see the project through. More than 1,000 Romanies were interned at the Lety camp during World War II and 327 died there from disease or abuse.

ČR ready to assist Middle-East peace process

Radio Prague |
30 December 2008

As news of the violence in the Middle East spread, the Czech Republic joined the international community in calling for a ceasefire.

Court session on Lisbon Treaty adjourned

26 November 2008

All eyes were on the Czech Constitutional Court Tuesday, where a verdict was expected on whether the EU Lisbon Treaty is in line with the Czech constitution. The session continues today. If the court rejects Lisbon, it could throw the EU into disarray. The opposite verdict would pave the way for the Czech Parliament to vote on ratification. Czech president Václav Klaus attended the hearing.

Govt suspends long-term visas for Vietnamese

Radio Prague |
20 November 2008

Some 50,000 Vietnamese nationals are estimated to live in ČR. (ČTK)Some 50,000 Vietnamese nationals live in ČR. (ČTK)

The move comes just days after a new report suggested Vietnamese citizens in ĆR are involved in organised crime.

Journalists raise alarm over wiretapping bill

Radio Prague |
5 November 2008

Transcripts of police wiretaps are regular fodder for the Czech media, but perhaps not for much longer. On Friday MPs in the lower house approved a bill that would outlaw publishing transcripts or broadcasting recordings of phone calls intercepted by the police without the consent of the person concerned. If the bill becomes law, newspapers, broadcasters and internet sites would face heavy sanctions, including – in extreme cases – prison sentences.

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