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Radio Prague

Czechs seek to save face at last EU summit

Radio Prague |
19 June 2009

Czech PM Jan Fischer welcomed French President Nicolas Sarkozy at the summit in Brussels Thursday. (ČTK)

EU leaders are currently meeting in Brussels for the last summit of the Czech Republic's EU presidency. Štefan Füle talks about Czech delegation’s preparations.

Czech MEP in parliament in cycling gear

Radio Prague |
16 July 2009

The Czech Civic Democrat MEP Edvard Kožušník had promised voters he would get on his bike if they gave him their support in the European parliamentary elections.

How to make roads safer

Radio Prague |
19 August 2009

Driving on busy dual-carriageways can be a hairy experience. Indeed, the Czech Republic has one of the highest rates of road fatalities in all of Europe; last year, nearly 1,100 people died on Czech roads.

Fresh Film Fest ends sixth year of showcasing student cinema

Radio Prague |
18 August 2009

For those who simply can't get enough of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, there is another important film event just around the corner in very same place - the Fresh Film Festival.

Sampras wows fans in Prague exhibition match

Radio Prague |
3 December 2008

Pete Sampras (ČTK)

Fans in Prague on Monday were treated to some exciting tennis between Czech Davis Cup representative Radek Štepánek and the world’s former No. 1, retired legend Pete Sampras.

A cab on both sides of the road: Iva Pekárková's London

Radio Prague |
17 August 2009

Iva Pekárková's books have taken readers to New York, Nigeria, and now London and Senegal, breaking the stereotype of Czech literature as inward-looking and local.

Archaeologists prepare to exhibit ancient tree symbol

Radio Prague |
14 August 2009

This week archaeologists revealed they had uncovered a 1,000 year-old mark engraved in an oak tree - the oldest preserved sign of its kind in the world.

Customers learn art of brewing at Olomouc pub

Radio Prague |
13 August 2009

Clients of the Moritz restaurant in Olomouc are given the opportunity to assist in beer preparation.

Prague City Hall fines itself for Charles Bridge reconstruction

Radio Prague |
13 August 2009

After months of criticism, Prague City Hall has admitted mistakes were made in the reconstruction of Charles Bridge and has fined itself some CZK 54,000 for the shortcomings.

EU study highlights invasive species impact on Czech Republic

Radio Prague |
13 August 2009

The Czech Republic has been placed fourth in an EU ranking of countries affected by non-native invasive species. More alien species are only present in France, Britain and Belgium.

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