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Radio Prague

How the Velvet Revolution overturned the literary landscape

Radio Prague |
16 November 2009

Writers were at the forefront of the Velvet Revolution. But when the dust settled on the political changes they found a fast changing publishing revolution underway that left some of them sidelined.

Czechs celebrate arrival of new St. Martin's vintage

Radio Prague |
12 November 2009

One of the better-known saints of the Catholic church, St. Martin is honored on 11 November in the Czech Republic with the Feast of St. Martin.

Communist deputy chair Josef Skála: Reforming the regime was the ambition of my generation

Radio Prague |
10 November 2009

Josef Skála, who recently became one of the Communist Party’s deputy leaders, shares his views on the totalitarian regime of the past and the party’s prospects in the future.

The Four Corners of the Czech Republic: Podluží

Radio Prague |
5 November 2009

At the confluence of two great rivers is a natural reserve of marsh forest and a bastion of Moravian culture called Podluží, or "under the marshland".

Národní třída dig

Radio Prague |
30 August 2010

The early 1980s metro station at Národní třída is the scene of a fascinating archaeological dig.

Equine war memorial unveiled at Napoleonic battlefield site

Radio Prague |
17 August 2010

The life size bronze statue stands out immediately from similar memorials to war heroes and generals from the fact that it features a horse with no one in the saddle.

Czech sport fisherman charms audience, Leno, on Tonight Show

Radio Prague |
3 August 2010

28-year-old Jakub Vágner – top sports fisherman, indomitable adventurer and world-record holder for huge catches everywhere appeared on the famous Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Dictionary decodes the language of propaganda

Radio Prague |
18 June 2010

How did communist propaganda brainwash people? What were the most frequent words used in the communist press? And was it at all possible to learn any real news from the censored newspapers? These are some of the questions a team of Czech linguists is trying to answer in their Dictionary of Communist Totalitarianism.

Parenting in the Czech Republic

Radio Prague |
21 June 2010

Nearly 21 years have passed since the Velvet Revolution. With the great political changes that it brought came many small but significant changes in people's personal lives. One area that has certainly been affected is parenting.

Czech enthusiasts build replica of 18th century sailing ship

Radio Prague |
2 June 2010

Looking for something to do this summer? How about spending it on board a fully functioning replica of an 18th century sailing ship?

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