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Radio Prague

Co-founder of MOST initiative recalls initial meeting between Communist PM and dissident leaders

Radio Prague |
19 November 2009

Several months ahead of the Velvet Revolution Michal Horáček, a well-known lyricist, and rock performer Michael Kocáb founded the initiative Most (Bridge), aimed at creating a platform to allow the then-Communist regime to communicate with the dissidents it so often jailed.

Talks with Joan Baez, Lou Reed and Suzanne Vega

Radio Prague |
18 November 2009

Radio Prague spoke to some of the guests of Václav Havel's concert last Saturday who "laid the soundtrack", so to speak, to the period of the revolution.

Velvet at the Film School

Radio Prague |
18 November 2009

Discussing the legacy of the Velvet Revolution at Prague's celebrated film and TV academy.

Memoirs of a revolutionary

Radio Prague |
16 November 2009

I remember exactly what I did on the night of Friday 17 November, 1989 – I was on a date, Radio Prague's reporter shares his memories of the revolutionary days 20 years ago.

Lifelong marriage proposal stokes controversy

Radio Prague |
13 November 2008

Culture Minister Václav Jehlička has stoked controversy by proposing to allow religious marriages with no option of divorce.

Teachers complain kids more aggressive

Radio Prague |
21 October 2008

Czech teachers claim that not only are they underpaid, but that their job gets more demanding with each passing year as pupils grow increasingly unruly.

Klaus to UN: blame governments, not markets for world economic crisis

Radio Prague |
25 Sep 2009

It would be a tragic mistake to fundamentally impair economic freedom in favour of state or supra-state regulation just now, Klaus said at the United Nations General Assembly session in New York.

Czech tourists make last-minute dash to Vienna for Canadian visa

Radio Prague |
16 July 2009

The Canadian Embassy in Prague now has a counter with consular staff at the city’s Ruzyně Airport to make sure passengers have all the relevant information before they board their flights.

Mf Dnes: Neo-Nazi group planned terrorist attacks

Radio Prague |
6 November 2009

A group of neo-Nazis named White Justice were planning to attack highly-positioned Jews and energy facilities in the Czech Republic, Mf Dnes reporter Janek Kroupa told Radio Prague.

Czech-Japanese entrepreneur on how Velvet Revolution changed his life

Radio Prague |
13 November 2009

As an expert in his field, Tomio Okamura makes numerous appearances monthly on TV and radio and is also jury member on a well-known business reality programme. His success, in a way he says, is linked to one thing: the Velvet Revolution.

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