Monday, 16 January 2017


Central bank vice-governor: crown may go both ways after cap lift

Reuters |
16 January 2017

The Czech crown will not necessarily strengthen after the central bank lifts its cap on the currency, and may well move in both directions, central bank Vice-Governor Mojmir Hampl said in an interview published on Saturday.

Czech president to appoint EU experts to central bank board

Reuters |
11 January 2017

The Czech president will appoint two economists to the central bank's board from February, picks who could make the bank more receptive to the idea of joining the euro but are unlikely to change its monetary policy stance.

Czechs cull thousands of poultry near bird flu outbreaks

Reuters |
9 January 2017

Czech authorities ordered a cull of thousands of chickens and ducks around outbreaks of bird flu on two small farms in the southeast on Friday, as reports of the disease came in from across Europe. The order came as France started culling about 800,000 ducks in its southwest and Austria told its farmers to keep all poultry indoors following cases reported in its neighbors Switzerland and Germany.

Czech 'hybrid threats' center under fire from country's own president

Reuters |
5 January 2017

A new Czech Interior Ministry team set up this week to monitor and analyze "hybrid threats" to security such as disinformation campaigns has come under fire from the office of the country's own president.

Rusnok: ČNB models suggest mid-2017 end to cap on crown

Reuters |
15 December 2016

The Czech central bank's forecasting models suggest it will end its policy of capping the crown's exchange rate around the middle of 2017, Governor Jiri Rusnok said in a video on the bank's website.

Czech stress tests show banking sector resilient to shocks

Reuters |
13 December 2016

The Czech banking sector remains resilient to adverse economic shocks, the central bank's semi-annual stress tests showed on Monday. Czech banks have gone through the global financial crisis without any need for public funding, and have retained high capital ratios and profits have held up despite falling interest rates.

Energy group EPH profit drops despite higher sales

Reuters |
9 December 2016

Acquisitive Czech power group EPH, one of central Europe's biggest energy firms, saw its profit slip in the first half of the year despite increasing sales. EPH has been snapping up coal, gas and nuclear power assets in recent years, betting they will remain strong energy sources and pay off once electricity prices rise from lows.

Czech firms grow hedges to offset impact of crown cap removal

Reuters |
6 December 2016

Truckmaker Tatra, along with other Czech companies, has decided the time is right to protect its export revenues from the prospect of a stronger crown from next year.

European Commission approves Czech state aid for renewable energy

Reuters |
29 November 2016

The European Commission said on Monday it approved Czech state aid granted in 2006-2012 to renewable energy installations. "The Commission concluded that, in line with EU objectives, the measure helps the Czech Republic to achieve its 2020 renewable energy targets," it said in a statement.

Czech scientists develop human lung model to aid treatments

Reuters |
25 November 2016

Czech scientists have developed a model of a functioning human lung that can be used to simulate problems like asthma or other chronic diseases and their treatments.

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