Saturday, 25 March 2017


Czech crown could firm as central bank is seen removing cap

Reuters |
3 March 2017

The Czech crown EURCZK= could firm up more than 4 percent against the euro in the next 12 months as the central bank is expected to remove its cap on the currency, a Reuters survey showed.

Wild boars roam Czech forests - and some of them are radioactive

Reuters |
23 February 2017

The Czech Republic has an unusual problem this winter with its wild boar meat, a local delicacy. The boars are radioactive.

PM's party puts bank tax back on election menu

Reuters |
15 February 2017

The Czech Republic's ruling centre-left Social Democratic Party will propose a special tax on banks to help fund schools and infrastructure and keep profits from leaving the country as part of its manifesto for elections in October. The plan was revealed on Tuesday by Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, whose Social Democratic Party trails coalition partner the ANO movement of Finance Minister Andrej Babiš by a large margin in the polls. ANO opposes a bank tax.

Tomšík: Central bank ready to act if quick lending continues

Reuters |
2 February 2017

Fast real estate price growth in 2016 was not in line with economic fundamentals and the central bank is ready to act if the quick lending dynamic continues, Czech National Bank (CNB) Vice-Governor Vladimir Tomsik said in an article released on the bank's website on Wednesday.

Czech army buys 20 Pandur armoured vehicles for CZK 2.1 billion

Reuters |
31 January 2017

The Czech army is to buy 20 Pandur-II armoured vehicles from Tatra Defence Vehicle for CZK 2.1 billion, the Czech Defence Ministry said on Monday, marking the second major deal for the defence company. The 8x8 wheeled vehicles will include six command and 14 communications vehicles and will be delivered in 2019-2020, Tatra said, adding to 107 Pandurs already in service.

Babiš to transfer his businesses to trust fund, complain to EU

Reuters |
30 January 2017

Czech Finance Minister Andrej Babis said on Sunday he would transfer his assets a trust fund to comply with new conflict-of- interest legislation, but would also challenge the rules with the European Commission. Babis, the billionaire owner of more than 250 companies, entered parliament and government with his ANO movement in 2013 and is favoured to become prime minister after this October's election. Many Czechs trust his pledges to weed out graft in the political establishment.

Dog sled teams charge through Czech mountains in annual race

Reuters |
27 January 2017

With a police patrol and handlers fueled by hot rum tea, around 80 dog sled teams from across Europe are racing through the Czech Republic's Orlicke mountains in the annual Sedivackuv Long race.

Czech banks see tighter mortgage lending

Reuters |
24 January 2017

Czech banks expect to tighten conditions for mortgage lending in the first quarter of 2017, continuing a trend seen at the end of 2016 when new rules on home loans took effect, the central bank said in a regular lending survey on Monday.

Industry minister to propose buying OKD mines for nominal price

Reuters |
24 January 2017

Industry Minister Jan Mladek said on Monday he would propose to the cabinet that state miner Diamo buy hard coal mining group OKD, the insolvent unit of New World Resources (NWR), for the nominal price of 1 crown ($0.0397).

Hampl: ČNB could remove FX cap in second half of 2017

Reuters |
20 January 2017

The Czech central bank could remove its cap on the crown in the second half of 2017 not mid-2017 as has repeatedly been identified as the most likely time, Vice-Governor Mojmir Hampl was quoted as saying on Thursday.

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