Friday, 18 August 2017


Playing with fire: Czech artist creates steel portraits with flame

Reuters |
31 July 2017

Czech artist Ladislav Vlna has swapped his brush for a blowtorch as he 'paints' with fire to create artworks that change according to lighting.

With Czech central bank signaling hike, money market hesitates

Reuters |
27 July 2017

The Czech central bank is flagging the first interest rate hike in more than nine years in August or September, but large sections of the market don't believe it.

World conflicts boost arms exports from 'neutral' Czech

Reuters |
27 July 2017

Diminished from its Soviet-era height, arms manufacturers such as the Czech Republic's Aero Vodochody jet factory are enjoying a jump in sales driven by what they say is a need for weapon exports from ''neutral'' countries.

Czech banks expect tighter mortgage conditions, falling demand

Reuters |
25 July 2017

Czech banks expect tighter conditions for household loans in the third quarter and falling demand for mortgage lending as stricter recommendations in the home loan market take bigger effect, a central bank lending survey showed on Monday.

Court reinstates Uber ban in second-biggest Czech city

Reuters |
20 July 2017

A Czech regional court on Wednesday reinstated its ban preventing ride-hailing service Uber from operating in Brno, the country's second-largest city, the court spokeswoman said. The court had already issued an injunction in April after the Brno city council argued Uber drivers should have to undergotests and to equip their cars with meters like a regular taxiservice.

Czech zoo roars over birth of white lion quintuplets

Reuters |
14 July 2017

A zoo in the Czech Republic is celebrating the birth of quintuplet white lions, a rare breed on the verge of extinction in the wild.

African swine fever detected in wild boars in Czech Republic

Reuters |
28 June 2017

The Czech Republic has detected African swine fever (ASF) in two wild boars, Agriculture Ministry said on Tuesday.

Central bank governor not betting on euro adoption in next decade

Reuters |
15 June 2017

The Czech Republic is unlikely to adopt the European Union's common currency, the euro, in the next decade because it lacks the political will to make the change, central bank Governor Jiri Rusnok was quoted as saying on Wednesday.

EU opens legal case against Warsaw, Budapest and Prague over migration

Reuters |
14 June 2017

The European Commission launched a legal case on Tuesday against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic for refusing to take in asylum seekers, ratcheting up a bitter feud within the 28-nation bloc about how to deal with migration. The eurosceptic, nationalist-minded governments in Poland and Hungary have refused to take in anyone under a plan agreed by a majority of EU leaders in 2015 to relocate migrants from frontline states Italy and Greece to help ease their burden. The Czech Republic initially accepted 12 people but has since said it would not welcome more.

EU to open case against Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic over migration

Reuters |
13 June 2017

The European Union's executive will decide on Tuesday to open legal cases against three eastern members for failing to take in asylum-seekers to relieve states on the front lines of the bloc's migration crisis, sources said.

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