Saturday, 16 November 2019
Life | Brno Daily

The special week-long exhibition at the Moravian Museum in Dietrichstein Palace on Zelny Trh will display historical insignia from six Brno universities, and other historical decorative items connected to the City of Brno and the South Moravian Region. The exhibition, which is free of charge, will run from 16th to 24th November.

Life | New Zealand Herald

Right leg pumping, Czech scooter rider Miroslav Machota covered the length of 90 Mile in just over five hours. That was after his wild ride down the serpentine curves of the road south of Cape Reinga. The building engineer's New Zealand adventure is a bold ambition and a chance to experience the length - and breadth - of the country.

Life | UniMedia

Czechs will be marking the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, which began on November 17, 1989. Fifty years earlier, November 17 had seen the execution of nine students and professors by the Nazis. Both 1939 and '89 figure strongly in commemorative events and celebrations in the days ahead.

Life | Radio Prague

Czechoslovakia's Velvet Revolution was sparked by a student demonstration on November 17, 1989 that was brutally quelled by riot police. Among those on the front line of those clashes was writer Magdaléna Platzová. At 17 years old she had already taken part in a number of demonstrations. But, she says, nothing prepared her for the violence that surrounded her on Prague's Národní St. on that now famous day.

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American illustrator and author Ken Nash talks about urban sketching, his new book, and becoming a poodle person.

Life | Honest Guide

You think you know Prague - but do you? Grab a pen and a paper and let's play a game of true or false with us!

Life | Radio Prague

As the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution draws near, we take you to places that played a significant role in the events leading to the collapse of the Communist regime 30 years ago. In the first episode of our mini-series, we visit Národní třída, the scene of a brutal police crackdown on an unarmed student demonstration on November 17. It was this event that marked the beginning of the revolution.

Life | Sport |

Boston Bruins and Czech hockey stars David Pastrňák and David Krejčí will kick off their NHL season in the Czech Republic next autumn.

Arts | Brno Daily

BEST, Brno English Speaking Theatre, is launching its second show of the season, Largo Desolato by Václav Havel, on Tuesday 19th November.

Dining | Radio Prague

On Friday people all around the Czech Republic began celebrating Saint Martin's Day, which falls on November 11. According to a Czech proverb, it is the day which brings the first snow to the country. In recent years, however, the day has mostly been associated with the arrival of the season's first wine and with the traditional feast of roast goose.

Arts |

Czech composer Antonín Dvořák passed away in 1904, but a new work called From the Future World, co-authored by him and artificial intelligence project, will have its premiere in Prague on November 15 at the Dvořák Hall of the Rudolfinum.

Cinema | Prague TV

Movie Barf and Edison Filmhub are thrilled to present 'Movie Barf Monday' - a weekly English friendly film night dedicated to screening a diverse variety of award-winning contemporary and classic films in the new Edison Filmhub cinema and bar located in Prague's old town.

Life | Radio Prague

The Czech Radio archives give us a rich and nuanced picture of the months leading up to the Munich Agreement of September 1938 that resulted in Nazi Germany annexing huge areas of Czechoslovakia. The archives offer a sober warning of how easily a democratic state can be shattered through rumour, lies and propaganda.

Arts | Radio Prague

At the turn of the millennium, the group 'minus123minut' was among the most innovative and important of Czech bands, known for their live shows and heady mix of rock, jazz, blues and funk. They recently released a new album called 'Les' (Forest).

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This week sees citywide parties, parades, concerts, and exhibits marking 30 years since the Velvet Revolution.