Saturday, 31 January 2015
Arts | The Prague Post

In its second year at the peak of winter, the Festival Spectaculare is a smorgasbord for sound and visual adventurers in Prague.

Life | Radio Prague

Novelist Alex Vella Gera made headlines in his native Malta in 2009 when he found himself in court over a short story deemed obscene by the authorities.

Arts | Opus Osm

Belgian choreographer Anne Van den Broek creates Phrasing the Pain for the Czech dance company that was born at Nederlans Dans Theatre.

Life | Prague TV

Nearly three hours after the official start of the first joint and Prague.TV expats MeetUp this past Thursday night, the veteran bartender at The Globe Café was still busily filling orders.

Cinema | Radio Prague

Petr Václav's social drama "The Way Out" (Cesta ven) won the fifth annual Czech Film Critics' Awards on Saturday night, picking up prizes for Best Film, Best Direction and Best Screenplay.

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Assistance is needed on a long-term basis.

Arts | ČTK

The EU's new directive that deals with the return of stolen works of art from EU countries is also expected to facilitate their return to the Czech Republic, Lidové noviny reports.

Life | Radio Prague

Public broadcaster Czech Radio has backed in initiative for a Vickers Wellington bomber undergoing restoration work in Great Britain to feature the markings of the Czechoslovak 311th squadron which flew with that type of RAF bomber in World War II.

Life | The Prague Post

The student who sacrificed himself in 1969 remains a powerful icon of the struggle for freedom.

Life | Radio Prague

One is so used to black-and-white photographs depicting Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, the founder of Czechoslovakia, as stern, dignified, even iconic looking that a video posted on YouTube in which he playfully speaks to camera is almost startling.

Life | Opus Osm

'The February Blahs,' 'Cabin Fever' are just two illnesses affecting us during the grey-sky month of February. The best antidote: go to a concert, opera, or dance performance you've never experienced before.

Life | Radio Prague

Michaela Hořejší is a young Czech designer whose ambition it is to bring a breath of fresh air into people’s homes.

Life | Radio Prague

After the Velvet Revolution of 1989, everybody thought that the country’s biggest children’s organizations, Pionýr, would fall into oblivion, being replaced by the more respected Scouts.

Half-n-half | Half'n'half

Shuttling between a two-country existence

Life | Prague TV

overs of classical music and Alfred Hitchcock, the master of horror movies, will have a unique opportunity to combine both of these passions on 19 February.