Monday, 27 April 2015
Life | Radio Prague

The "Trabants across Australia and Southeast Asia" expedition appears set to start from Perth at the weekend after the authorities allowed the nine-member crew of Czechs, Poles, and Slovaks access to their vehicles.

Life | The Prague Post

The Liberation Festival Pilsen celebrations will last from April 30 to May 6. One highlight is a concert by American hard rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd at the race track in Borská pole on May 1.

Life | The Prague Post

The 18th edition of the international culinary trade fair Wine and Delicacies takes place in Prague's Výstavište Holešovice through April 24.

Arts | The Prague Post

Band plays in a retro mix of styles influenced by swing, jazz, reggae, hip hop.

Life | Radio Prague

For those who don't own a patch of land but would still like to experience the pleasure of picking fruit rather than shopping for it in the supermarket, there is a new initiative called Na Ovoce – Fruit Picking. The website, which was launched just a few weeks ago, maps the occurrence of accessible wild fruit trees, shrubs and herbs that grow around the country.

Arts | The Prague Post

The classic story of Hansel, Gretel and the Gingerbread Witch is coming back to Prague. The State Opera invites children, their parents and grandparents for a theatrical adventure that will be far different from any ordinary opera.

Arts | The Prague Post

The eighth edition of Prague Photo points to a growing trend for retro photography, offering something different than digital pictures that people take these days by the thousands.

Cinema | The Prague Post

Czech National Symphony Orchestra to perform James Horner's soundtrack at high-definition film screening in June.

Life | Bátor Tábor

If you are planning on running in the Volkswagen Marathon Weekend on May 2-3, why not think about running for Tým Odvahy and do something good for children at the same time?

Life | Dezeen

A skin of corrugated and perforated metal clads this villa in the Beskid Mountains, which sits on a wedge-shaped podium with stone-filled gabion walls.

Arts | ČTK

US ambassador to Prague Andrew Schapiro has bestowed the Woodrow Wilson Freedom Award on Jiřina Rybáčková, director of the American Spring music festival held in the Czech Republic.

Life | ČTK

Czech professor Josef Smajs has presented a new philosophical concept and legal document called the Constitution of the Earth saying the Planet has legal subjectivity and therefore rights similar to human beings.

Life | Prague Connect/Leaders Magazine

Doctor Joseph Šmarda was a first league sprinter before he immigrated to Canada in 1979 where he established a new science branch applied immunology and became a world expert in it.

Arts | Opus Osm

The 70th edition of the world-famous Prague Spring International Music Festival May 12-June 3 brings a delicate, healing musical touch to the theme of World War II.

Life | Prague TV

RumFest is a public edutainment event celebrating the true sugar cane rum. It follows the tradition of similar rum events which have proven to be very popular in the UK or Germany. The second RumFest in the Czech Republic is going to take place on the 23rd od May at the Novoměstská radnice.