Friday, 27 November 2020
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Zdeněk Pohlreich chef at Café Imperial, Next Door by Imperial, and Divinis, was chosen for inclusion in a newly released digital cookbook called "Culinary Perspectives: The Gourmet's Journey Across Cultures."

Arts | Brno Daily

The City Gallery project aims to create over 20 murals on various facades around Cejl, to bring new life to the "Brno Bronx". František Skála's painting, "The Fateful Look Back" was approved by city councillors on Wednesday to adorn the wall of the Trauma Hospital.

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These trips for hiking trips will take you on a "world" tour of some lovely Czech landmarks with international appeal.

Life | Brno Daily

Beer is an important part of Czech identity and we now have an interesting take on its development. The Czech Statistical Office has dusted off a report on the Czechoslovak beer industry in the 1920s and it shows us how things have changed – or not – over the last 100 years.

Life | Radio Prague

In the eastern part of the Czech Republic, Saint Martin's day is a celebration of wine. While the country is deservedly famous for its beer, there is a whole world of wine to be tasted and savored in the south-eastern region.

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While stuck in my Brooklyn apartment during the lockdown and missing the ability to go out with friends, the Czech New Wave became my surrogate drinking buddy. If you too are missing going out drinking, I would like to recommend a slate of these films to fill the gap.

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Another memorial for student protester Jan Palach has been unveiled in Prague. The bronze sculpture called The Flame (Plamen) is now on the 30-meter metal pylon outside the New Building of the National Museum in Prague.

Cinema | Prague Daily Monitor

There is a joke that goes like this: I said to the chemist, "Can I have some sleeping pills for my wife?" He said, "Why?" I said, "She keeps waking up." That is pretty much the attitude of the main character in Tiger Theory, Radek Bajgar's dramedy about a sixty-something who finds an unconventional way of leaving his controlling wife.

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Prague born singer Adam Plachetka will perform operatic arias in Ostrava without an audience as part of the Leoš Janáček International Music Festival on November 29.

Life | UniMedia

Representatives of Charles University marked November 17 in smaller delegations over the course of the day, honouring the sacrifice and courage of students and others in both 1939 and 1989.

Cinema | Radio Prague

A New Shift is a captivating new documentary about a laid-off Czech miner who, approaching 50, attempts to retrain as an IT specialist. The film started out as the graduation work of student Jindřich Andrš – but still managed to win the national Czech Joy award at the recent Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival.

Cinema | Brno Daily

Originally planned for October, the 61st edition of the BRNO16 festival will now take place online a few weeks from now. Previously purchased accreditations remain valid, and tickets are still available for the online event, to be held on December 2nd-6th.

Life | Transitions Online

A prominent member of the Czech Romani community laments "a near-complete inability to warn Roma about the dangers of Covid itself."

Life | Radio Prague

Thousands usually visit central Prague on the anniversary of the start of the Velvet Revolution. Given the Covid-19 situation, events on November 17 this year are set to look a lot different.

Life | Radio Prague

The Laka lake in the Šumava mountain range was severely damaged by acid rain in the 20th century. Now the quality of the water is improving again and several dozen trout have been detected in the lake. A science team is conducting research to find out how they got there.