Saturday, 25 October 2014
Life | The Prague Post

Flemish author and essayist Pieter de Buysser is back at Divadlo Archa with two shows on three nights

Life | Prague TV

This 2-day Master Class is the perfect introduction to acting Shakespeare's texts for student actors and the perfect exploration and tune-up for advanced actors.

Life | Radio Prague

Czech writer Jan Němec is among 13 young European authors who have won the 2014 European Union Prize for Literature.

Life | Radio Prague

The first album by the Czecho-Slovak duo Monikino Kino (Petr Marek of MIDI LIDI and Monika Midriaková) reflects the story of a relationship from start to finish in a series of songs combining intimate electronic pop with reflective, playful lyric.

Life | Radio Prague

Hello and welcome to a special programme looking at the upcoming Signal Prague Light Festival, which is taking place from 16-19th October.

Life | Radio Prague

Countless Hollywood movies and TV series have been shot in the Czech Republic in the last two decades.

Life | Radio Prague

Renowned Czech artist Karel Malich, known for color pastels and abstract wire objects which many critics and historians consider the pinnacle of Czech abstract art in the second half of the 20th century, turns 90 on Saturday.

Life | The Prague Post

In the Czech Republic, Halloween is for adults instead of children

Life | The Prague Post

Upcoming events at the Vinohrady venue include a spaghetti western culinary evening and Beaujolais Nouveau.

Life | Radio Prague

Just as the town of Plzeň is associated with great beer and the town of Pardubice with gingerbread, the town of Pelhřimov brings to mind amazing feats, records and curiosities.

Arts | Radio Prague

This year's festival is a bit smaller, in terms of number of installations, but features more foreign artists, says founder Martin Pošta.

Arts | The Prague Post

Gravel-voiced singer and guitarist Chris Rea is starting a European tour, with Prague as the second stop after his debut in Salzburg.

Dining | Prague Wandering

Suspicious tout lures newbie to a surprisingly satisfying meal.

Cinema | Prague TV

Check out this week's movie premieres. The action movie Dracula Untold and the drama The Best of Me.

Cinema | The Prague Post

Dracula Untold is supposed to be the real story behind the legendary creature that is the pale master with fangs, but oddly enough, this version feels more contrived and two-dimensional than many of the other attempts to tell the story made famous by Bram Stoker.