Wednesday, 22 October 2014
Arts | The Prague Post

Electronic musician Daniel Victor Snaith has been conquering the hearts of music-loving fans under the name Caribou for a decade now. Our Love is the fourth album he has released under the name Caribou and features such guests as Jessy Lanza. She is also the supporting act for the show at MeetFactory on Oct.16.

Dining | Prague Wandering

Vegan chain fuels expansion in city's meat-free dining scene.

Arts | The Prague Post

The 19th festival of contemporary art called 4+4 Days in Motion is under way with events across Prague.

Arts | The Prague Post

Shakespeare's sonnets are set to music in a bilingual evening.

Cinema | The Prague Post

Festival of German-language films screens best films from the region, many with English subtitles.

Life | Prague TV

Whatever your budget and preference Prague has a hotel to suit you, whether you're a luxury hotel kind of traveller or a backpacker on a budget.

Life | Radio Prague

When Jan Palach burned himself to death in January 1969 over the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, his radical protest was echoed by a number of young men in the Eastern Bloc. Among them was Eliyahu Rips.

Life | Prague Wandering

Red-carpet fashion got a whiff of academic chic last month when Charles University's Law Faculty hosted "Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend 2014."

Life | The Prague Post

A number of small shops offer a chance for fashionistas to break out of the crowd.

Life | Radio Prague

An exhibition at the National Memorial on Prague's Vítkov Hill explores the links between music and politics, and shows what roles music assumed in modern Czech history.

Dining | The Prague Post

Good news for health-conscious visitors to Prague: klobása and deep-fried cheese are not the only game in town for convenience dining.

Life | Radio Prague

Kateřina Tučková'a novel "Žítková Goddesses" looks at the ancient Moravian tradition of folk healing.

Life | Prague Daily Monitor

"Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd." Voltaire

Arts | Radio Prague

Masters of Rock, held near Zlín, is the biggest international rock festival in the Czech Republic each year, with a spin-off winter event as well as sister festival in Plzeň. Last week, promoters announced that the headliners for 2015 will be the Finnish rock phenomenon Nightwish.

Arts | Radio Prague

Inspired by US guitar bands like The Pixies and Sonic Youth, Houpací koně formed in Ústí nad Labem in 1991, releasing their eponymous debut LP four years later.