Friday, 19 October 2018
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The short movie The Land of Stone Towers, by Kateřina Mikulcová, shows Georgia's Tusheti region and how it has been supported by the Czech Development Agency. After careful consideration, the film received the FAO Osiris Prize at the 34th Agrofilm International Film Festival in Slovakia.

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Pardubice is an amazing city with a lot of options what to do, where to go to eat or where to have a drink. If you wish to have a very local experience, Pardubice is your choice.

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Urban planning is more difficult than it sounds. People can try their hand at building a future Prague at a new interactive exhibit at Prague's Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP), which just launched its second season.

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Bad Times at the El Royale creates a complicated retro crime thriller, set in a truly strange motel built exactly on the California – Nevada border.

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The Czech Republic has a long tradition of horse racing and the most celebrated race of all is the Great Pardubice, or Velká pardubická. The only woman to ever win the race is Lata Brandisová, and she won way back in 1937. Her remarkable story is the subject of a book, currently being written by the British journalist, Richard Askwith.

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Excerpt condemned as 'pornographic' after being broadcast on radio – but liberals say press rights are being attacked.

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One of Slovakia's favourite club bands Korben Dallas teams up with Adam Baldych to play Prague's Palác Akropolis.

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Energy boosting start of the week -> that's Monday Smash at La Loca Music Bar

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On our tour which took us from Vienna to Prague, we visited the thousand-year-old city of Trebic in the Czech Republic. Here, we walked into the remarkably preserved Jewish quarter, a virtual monument to the time when churches and synagogues co-existed side by side.

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In one form or another, the stereotype of the "squatting Slav" has likely made its way to your social media feed over the past few years. Wearing an Adidas tracksuit, smoking cigarettes, and swilling cheap vodka or cheap beer, the loitering Slav meme is—as most memes are—perhaps best left unexplained.

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59 umbrellas and 13 pairs of artisan Kometa-themed boots are now available in an online auction at "". The auction will raise money to help children diagnosed with autism and people with mental disabilities.

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Little Fashion Night ("Malá noc módy") returns to Brno this weekend. Designs from many talented students will be part of the exhibition.

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Neil Armstrong is shown as a quiet hero in this telling of the moon landing.

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Prague-born novelist, travel writer and journalist/blogger Iva Pekárková was in town for the Prague Writer's Festival and spoke about the influence of movement on her early work – from hitchhiking under communism and driving taxis 'on both sides of the road', and her latest book.