Saturday, 25 October 2014
Arts | The Prague Post

The second-annual Signal festival is back with 21 examples of art using light. A piece by US-based artist Jen Lewin called The Pool promises to be among the most popular entries.

Arts | Radio Prague

The Czech National Archive on Wednesday took possession of a valuable collection documenting 20th century photography in the then Czechoslovakia.

Life | The Prague Post

The Reader Berlin will be hosting a two-day creative writing workshop in English in Prague on Oct. 18 and 19. The workshop will take place in Unijazz Reading Room, near Wenceslas Square.

Arts | Prague TV

The Harmonie Foundation is hosting a benefit concert in support of the phenomenal El Sistema music educational project in the Czech Republic.

Arts | Opus Osm

It must be nice to be a member of the chorus during a performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony – even if you have to wait 45 minutes to sing.

Life | Prague Wandering

Middle Eastern treats transport fair goers to Beirut and beyond.

Arts | The Prague Post

Mime Fest, the only international pantomime festival in the Czech Republic, will arrive in Prague in October. Czech and international stars of nonverbal theater will show play at two venues.

Dining | The Prague Post

While most Americans associate pumpkins with carved lanterns for Halloween or pie for Thanksgiving, the large orange vegetable is actually quite versatile.

Life | Prague Wandering

Sailor suits and bow ties are back in style as men and women pack into 1940s vintage rooms with big bands, swanky dance moves and a quick glimpse back in time. Swing dancing is a global craze, and Prague is not being left behind.

Arts | The Prague Post

The National Theater is reviving The Fall of Arkun (Pád Arkunu), one of Zdeněk Fibich's last works and a fairly obscure one.

Arts | The Prague Post

Three film theaters continue their run of screenings of top-class ballet, theater, opera and music productions.

Arts | The Prague Post

Electronic musician Daniel Victor Snaith has been conquering the hearts of music-loving fans under the name Caribou for a decade now. Our Love is the fourth album he has released under the name Caribou and features such guests as Jessy Lanza. She is also the supporting act for the show at MeetFactory on Oct.16.

Dining | Prague Wandering

Vegan chain fuels expansion in city's meat-free dining scene.

Arts | The Prague Post

The 19th festival of contemporary art called 4+4 Days in Motion is under way with events across Prague.

Arts | The Prague Post

Shakespeare's sonnets are set to music in a bilingual evening.