Wednesday, 16 October 2019
National | Radio Prague

Public phone booths are soon to disappear from Czech streets. Mobile phone operator O2 announced on Wednesday that it will terminate their operation by the end of the year. The only exception will be small villages, where the operation of public payphones is required by law.

National | Business | Manila Bulletin

The Czech Republic, through its Embassy in Manila, has announced the conclusion of its almost nine-month humanitarian aid project with non-profit social enterprise Build Change to improve the local capacity of shelter response programs in areas ravaged by Typhoon Mangkhut (Ompong).

National | Radio Prague

More than 60,000 foreign students studied at Czech universities last year – a record high. Most full-time diploma students are from neighbouring Slovakia, followed by ex-Soviet states such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus, with interest from India and China steadily rising. Most exchange students, coming for just a semester, are from the United States.

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A new memorial is opening to a university student who burned himself to death in protest at the 1968 Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia. Jan Palach's childhood home in Vsetaty, north of Prague, has been turned into a chapel-like space to allow visitors to contemplate what he did for the nation. An adjacent pavilion contains a small museum.

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The arched railway bridge linking Prague's Karlín and Holešovice districts will come back to life June 1, 2020 when train traffic begins. The viaduct will create smoother train traffic, and the area under it will revitalize the neighborhood.

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News server reports that a court in Teplice, Czech Republic has fined and put on probation a man and a woman who made insults and threats against passers-by in July 2018 in Šanov Park because they believed they were Muslims. The court ordered the sentence on the basis of the case file without holding a hearing.

Czech Republic and the EU | Radio Prague

The designated Czech vice-president of the European Commission, Věra Jourová, has been approved for the European values and transparency portfolio in the new European Commission. In a three-hour hearing on Monday, Ms. Jourová was grilled by members of the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs committees on how she would secure rule of law and media freedom across the EU.

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The coalition members — Pirates, Praha sobě, and the United Force for Prague — said their main goal was to establish cooperation on major topics affecting Prague. These include cooperative housing, key transport construction projects, improving the environment, financing education, and transforming social services.

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Housing prices have been rising much faster than rents in Prague. Fewer than 4% percent of housing owners who rent their properties out earned a gross rent for the full year 2018 on a new apartment in Prague. Investors, however, received an 18% "bonus" in the form of growth in the potential selling price of the property itself, according to an analysis by KPMG Czech Republic.

Prague | Reuters

Prague city council voted on Monday to cancel a partnership agreement with Beijing after it failed to remove an article requiring it commit to the "one China" principle, which refers to China's stance that Taiwan and it both belong to one China.

Politics | Radio Prague

Václav Klaus Jr. is the country's "most trusted" politician, suggests a new poll conducted by the CVVM agency. The leader of the newly-formed, right-wing oriented Tricolour achieved a 42% positive rating among respondents, putting him ahead of PM Andrej Babiš. Political scientist Jiří Pehe explains why it is Klaus Jr. is so popular.

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Prague's John Lennon Wall as it has existed since the 1980s has ended. Scaffolding and blue tarps now cover the wall, which is undergoing a renovation that will cost CZK 250,000. After that is completed, most of the wall will be a protected open-air gallery with paintings by professional artists. Only a small section will be available to the public.

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Architects Věra Machoninová and Vladimír Machonin designed some of the Czech Republic's most distinctive modern buildings, including Prague's Kotva department store and Hotel Thermal in Karlovy Vary. The couple's legacy is being kept alive today by their granddaughter Marie Kordovská.

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Prague finished 19th among 102 cities around the world in the first edition of a Smart City Index, put together by Switzerland's IMD Competitiveness Centre and the Singapore University of Technology and Design. The index assesses the cities' efforts in embracing smart technologies to improve their citizens' lives. Prague finished ahead of London in the survey, in which Singapore ranked first.

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Statistics show that incarceration and reoffending rates in the Czech Republic are among the highest in Europe. To combat this phenomenon 10 organisations that focus on helping prisoners reintegrate into society have decided to form an association. They hope the new alliance will bring about more flexibility, as well as greater influence when lobbying for change with the government.