Saturday, 17 August 2019
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Southern Poland's railway carrier Koleje Dolnoslaskie will add to its new train timetable on December 9 a direct rail connection between southwestern Wroclaw and the Czech capital. The route will be operated by trains of the Czech carrier Leo Express.

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Archaeologists have unveiled a rare Renaissance-Baroque brew house in the depths of Kost Castle, itself an architectural jewel in the "Bohemian Paradise" region. The tiny brewery was founded in 1576 and in use for centuries, but the team of excavators had expected to find little more than rubble.

National | Radio Prague

Last year's infestation of bark beetles was said to have been the biggest to hit Czech forests in 200 years. This year could prove even worse. Among those hard hit is Krkonoše National Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve site. Park officials estimate 20 percent more trees will need to be felled in the battle against the relentless bug.

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This year, Brno ranked as the sixth best student city according to students globally, while the Czech capital Prague came in eight. The ranking is annually announced by the British company Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), which specialises in the quality of education around the world.

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More and more foreigners are heading to the Czech Republic to get an education, according to new data from the Ministry of Interior. In fifteen years the number of foreigners attending Czech academic institutions has increased three-fold with foreigners making up 15 percent of all students at university in the Czech Republic.

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A "non-military person" is won over by a new type of soldier – a profession Central Europeans have come to respect over the past generation.

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The Czech Environment Ministry is up in arms over a decision by the Central Institute for Supervision and Testing in Agriculture allowing farmers to use a highly toxic rat poison in fields, orchards, meadows and vineyards. They claim it will "harm all living things in the vicinity", a warning that has made the agriculture minister break off his holiday and come back to Prague for emergency talks.

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If you've hung out on Prague's riverbanks lately you may have spied reusable cups adorned with a waterfront motif by award-winning Czech illustrator Nikola Logosová. Launched in late June, the limited-edition returnables are meant to increase the use of this environmentally friendly beverage packaging at farmers' markets and other events.

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A new Prague tourist attraction, a pedal-powered beer boat, has been launched on the Vltava river, and local authorities are already looking at ways to limit it. The operator of the Prague Cycle Boat is the same company, Prague Pub Crawl, that runs the pedal-powered beer bikes.

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Czech forests are dying at such a rate that the landscape could soon be altered beyond recognition.

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Miloslav Cerny slipped out during the night to remove graffiti from the city's famous Charles Bridge, using his professional cleaning skills. The act of goodwill by Cerny, who served more than 11 years in prison for murder, captured public attention and brought him celebrity. But it also highlighted the plight of former prisoners trying to reintegrate back into the Czech society.

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The first Buddhist cultural centre of the Vietnamese community in Most city of Ustecky region has been upgraded to the provincial level. The centre will contribute to preserving the traditional culture identities of Vietnam and the Vietnamese language.

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American television station CNN has compiled a list of the World's Most Beautiful Castles that encompasses a variety of destinations from French Chambord to Istanbul's Topkapi Palace and Neuschwanstein in Bavaria. Prague Castle also made the list of 21 historical fortifications deemed among the world's most fascinating.

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The Earnings & Savings From Hiring EU Medical Professionals: Data reveals how much the UK has earned in income tax from EU-nationals working in the medical industry over the past 5 years, as well as the money saved on education. Read below to learn about the benefits of hiring medical professionals from the EU in Medbelle's study.

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Paper or plastic? You won't be asked this question at Bezobalu — the zero-waste shop and non-profit organization dedicated to minimizing Prague's waste, one less package at a time. Read below to learn about Bezobalu's methods to prevent waste production.