Thursday, 16 January 2020
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Prague 3 Town Hall was hit with a computer virus on January 6 that disabled many of its services. The district administration posted the information on its Facebook page, which was unaffected. The problem was resolved early on January 7.

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The City of Prague has joined the world's metropolises which actively approach the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic, announced the municipality on Sunday. The memorandum with the Fast-Track Cities initiative was initiated by Health Councillor Milena Johnová and Mayor Zdeněk Hřib who signed the memorandum on behalf of the Czech capital.

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At present elections in the Czech Republic usually take place across two days. That looks likely to end, however, with the Ministry of the Interior readying legislation for one-day polling. A new survey suggests the majority of voters would welcome the change – though opinion is divided on what day of the week is best.

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You've seen the people behind counter cheating tourists. You've seen the locations. But who's behind them, who owns these scam exchange offices? To find out, we went to Slovakia... Part I of a very special series.

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When it comes to the night sky, 2020 is a bit disappointing. There are just two penumbral lunar eclipses, and no solar eclipses visible from Prague. There are, however, 13 full moons, two supermoons and a blue moon.

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On Saturday night, a newborn boy was left in a babybox in Blansko. The boy, named Jan after one of the project's donors, is the 200th child rescued since the introduction of babyboxes in the Czech Republic.

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Miloslava Kalibová, a survivor of the Nazi massacre at Lidice, of time in a concentration camp and of a death march, passed away last month in the Czech Republic. She shared her memories of those historical events with the public by participating in discussions and documentaries.

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More than half of Czechs believe that Czech modern history is being falsely reinterpreted and over 60 percent have a problem with constructing new memorials that change the accepted view on history, according to a fresh MEDIAN poll conducted exclusively for Czech Radio.

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In November, several months of work by a team of experts from the Cave Administration of the Czech Republic, which went to Georgia as part of a Czech Development Agency project to assess the potential of cave use in the west of the country, all came to an end.

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A threatening message appeared on the wall of the Brno mosque end of last week. The slogan written in Czech, reads: "Do not spread Islam in the Czech Republic, or else, we will kill you." The case is under investigation.

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A Czech Airline Boeing plane was hit by lightning upon landing in Beirut, Lebanon on Thursday. That caused the plane to be grounded in Beirut stranding 132 passengers wanting to return to Prague. According to the spokesperson for CSA Tomas Brejcha the extent of the damage is being assessed, the plane is currently in Beirut he told He added that the flight was cancelled and that passengers were being sent to Prague via other options.

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The start of the New Year has kicked off the largest and most successful fund-raiser in the country – the now traditional Three Kings Collection, organised by the Catholic charity Caritas. Now in its twentieth year, the collection has in total raised more than 1.3 billion crowns in aid of the needy.

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Next time you go to the doctor's and are considered not able to go to work, there will be no need to be running around with paperwork. Czechia launched its electronic workers compensation system on January 1st and things are working without any major issues.

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On January 2nd the first real country wide winter weather driving conditions began. A phenomenon called "freezing fog" swept the country and roads were very slippery as temperatures dipped into the minus single digits. There was a multiple car crash reported on kilometer 212 of the D1 involving seven cars in the direction from Brno to Vyskov.

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In 2020, Central Europe will observe plenty of electoral races and will be exposed to a few important economic and security impulses. By the end of the year, the most likely result is to be further fragmentation – especially on the European scene – which will prevent new and big Visegrad narratives.