Wednesday, 16 October 2019
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The popularity of disaster movies shows how people are fascinated by catastrophes, natural and otherwise. Now there's a permanent exhibition by the City of Prague Museum called "Prague on Fire" which gives visitors a multimedia experience of the history of the city's devastating fires.

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Czech police have been put on high alert for the arrival of an estimated 6,000 English supporters here for Friday's Euro 2020 qualifier between England and the Czech Republic, with preparations afoot to deploy anti-riot squads in the event of violent disorder.

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Czech Labor and Social Affairs Minister Jana Maláčová (ČSSD) paid a visit to the Chamber of Deputies' Committee on Social Policy on 19 September and told the MPs there that she has not yet completed her revision to welfare benefits that was originally planned for April of this year.

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Bullying in Czech schools is on the rise. Although statistics indicate that more than half of Czech primary and secondary school students have either experienced or witnessed bullying, some schools remain in denial, claiming they don't have a problem. Two years ago, three high school students took the matter into their own hands, setting up a web page where students or victims of bullying can report the abuse and get help.

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The legendary Czech singer and pop icon Karel Gott passed away on Tuesday at his home in Prague surrounded by his family. As tributes to the singer pour in from at home and abroad, Czech leaders are planning a funeral with state honours.

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After many years of advocacy, women who have been illegally sterilized without their free and informed consent could finally be awarded compensation by the Czech state in the amount of CZK 300 000 through a law that has been put forward by MPs from across the political spectrum.

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Authorities say an explosion has rocked an apartment house in southern Czech Republic, killing one person and injuring nine. The three-story building was badly damaged by the explosion that occurred Thursday morning in the town of Lenora, some 150 kilometers south of Prague.

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Žižkov may just regain its title as the coolest neighborhood in Prague by transforming a functionalist-style skyscraper, once the tallest office building in Bohemia, into a culture center. Offices and apartments are also a planned part of the renovation.

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Shared electric scooters face another blow, as Prague City Hall plans to tighten the rules for their use. This following a ruling by the Transport Ministry that scooters must stay off of sidewalks.

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The South Moravian elite intervention unit has once again retained its title at the Police Championships of the Czech Republic, in a contest against 12 other elite units. Participation in the competition is a prestigious opportunity; in addition to the Czech intervention units, police departments in Slovakia and Germany also joined the contest, which took place this year in the Ústí Region.

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Cardinal Dominik Duka is facing a criminal investigation, after being accused of covering up a case of sexual abuse in the Dominican Order. The victim, who remains anonymous, told the news site earlier this week that he reported the abuse to Mr.Duka but the cardinal had failed to take action against it. The victim claims the abuse went on for three years in the early 1990s, while he was training to become a priest.

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The videomapping for New Year's Day will be at the historical building of the National Museum. Prague City Hall previously announced that it would stage a videomapping instead of the traditional fireworks, but did not specify the location. The traditional fireworks show has been canceled due to complaints about noise.

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Transparency International (TI) has asked the Czech Justice Ministry to review a possible case of conflict of interest involving the country's prime minister Andrej Babiš, after an investigation was halted by the Regional Council of Central Bohemia.

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The largest protests in the Czech Republic for 30 years have failed to shift its prime minister, Andrej Babiš. DW's Conflict Zone asks the Czech foreign minister, a coalition partner, if he will quit Babis's government.

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Czech Radio has received a unique sound recording of events surrounding the mysterious death of Jan Masaryk, the son of Czechoslovakia's first president. The beloved foreign minister was found dead in the courtyard beneath his apartment window two weeks after the Communist coup of February 1948.