Wednesday, 23 April 2014
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Czech President Milos Zeman agrees with the planned cutting of the value-added tax on medicines, diapers and baby food, but he believes it would be better to support libraries than to reduce VAT on books, he said at the close of his visit to the Hradec Kralove Region Thursday.

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Czech Social Democrats (CSSD) are among the laziest members of the European Parliament, according to a study compiled by Open Society Fund Praha, daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) writes Thursday.

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The Czech media sector has often won international praise in the past for its freedom and independence. But some in the country are questioning whether that is still the case following the acquisitions by billionaire businessman, ANO leader, and current minister of finance, Andrej Babiš. The biggest centre-right opposition party in parliament, TOP 09, is seeking to make media ownership an issue in the upcoming European elections.

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Duspiva's eggs, pre-blown and decorated with a wax-resist or "batik" and a variety of tools at a studio in upstate New York, are among the more popular works of art sold in Union Square.

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Zdeněk Hazdra was elected new director of the Czech Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes (ÚSTR) on Wednesday, having received a majority in the third round of the secret vote.

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Tomáš Krčmář, a hotel owner in Ostrava, decided to bar Russian citizens as an act of protest against Moscow's annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula and out of frustration at what he considers the EU's and the Czech Republic's weak response to the move.

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A check has shown that the suppliers of 14 projects worth over CZK 1 billion within the EU-subsidised Environment Operational Programme were chosen based on the opaque electronic lot-drawing method between 2010 and 2013.

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In a shed behind a church in a small town called Nymburk, 420km from the nearest sea, two Czech adventurers are building a boat. It doesn't look like much. It certainly doesn't look like it will float. At least not yet.

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The Czech committee for foreigners' rights, which falls under the government, previously recommended that the Czech Republic change its rules to enable foreigners enter and establish parties, the Human Rights Minister's spokeswoman said in reaction to the EC's criticism Wednesday.

Politics | ČTK

A new phenomenon is taking shape in Czech political parties whose members officially pay fees for their political career, while the relatively new entities, the government ANO movement and the opposition TOP 09 are the most expensive, daily Hospodarske noviny (HN) writes Wednesday.

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The Czech health care sector is a frequent target of criticism from those inside looking out, those passing through, and those on the outside looking in.

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There is no reason for Czechs to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their EU entry, former president Vaclav Klaus told CTK Wednesday.

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Former president Václav Klaus (2003-2013) told CTK Wednesday he had voted against the Czech Republic's EU accession in the referendum on it, held in 2003.

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Sixty percent of Czechs consider the foreigners who moved to the country in the past few years a problem on national level, but they are more accommodating to them in their place of residence where only 24 percent of people see them as a problem, according to the latest CVVM poll.

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More than one million Czech citizens, or 10.2 percent of the country's population, have some disability, according to a survey that the Czech Statistical Office (CSU) presented Wednesday.