Friday, 14 December 2018
National | Brno Daily

The "FREE WC" subsidy program by Brno-centre Town Hall is running for a second time. The Town Hall is offering financial support to restaurants, bistros, and cafes that allow their toilets to be used free of charge without the requirement to spend money there.

Prague | Prague TV

The popular Czech characters Bob and Bobek will be the face of an educational campaign aimed at getting people to behave on Prague's public transit system. Bob and Bobek are two rabbits who live in a magician's hat. They have been in televised cartoons since 1979.

National | Business | Prague Daily Monitor

Senate Chair Jaroslav Kubera (ODS) called on President Milos Zeman at Prague Castle on Thursday evening. This was their first meeting since Kubera was elected Chair of the Senate and Zeman supported Kubera in the battle for the Chair's position in October.

Politics | Business | Prague Daily Monitor

Czech Television reports that the leaders of the opposition parties have called for Minister of Regional Development Klara Dostálová's (ANO) resignation, in response to allegations of wrongdoing at Czech Tourism.

National | Business | Prague Daily Monitor

President Miloš Zeman told TV Barrandov in a hard-hitting interview on Thursday, that the Security Information Service (BIS) were behaving like amateurs. In response to a question about foreign activity in the country, Zeman suggested that the service had been talking about the increasing activity of Russian and Chinese spies in the country for years but was still unable to catch one spy.

Politics | Bloomberg

The Czech Republic's billionaire prime minister fortified his support among potential voters, defying escalating tensions over a police investigation into whether he committed fraud. The ANO party led by Andrej Babiš widened its lead in a survey conducted by pollster STEM last month when new allegations related to the fraud probe led to a failed no-confidence motion in parliament. ANO's backing rose to 36% in November, from 33% in the previous month.

National | Radio Prague

The National Centre for Combatting Organized Crime issued its annual report on Wednesday highlighting potential security risks to the country. It reported a growing number of sham marriages, particularly with citizens of Turkey, and warned of "uncontrolled numbers of people practicing Islam entering the country".

National | Business | Prague Daily Monitor

Czech Television reports that the Minister for Regional Development Klára Dostálová (ANO) and Aleš Pangrác a senior manager at Czech Tourism are prime suspects in a police case investigating financial wrongdoing at Czech Tourism. The crime allegedly occurred when Dostálová was a Deputy Minister responsible for Czech Tourism at the ministry in 2016.

Prague | Prague TV

The future of the land at the rail station Praha-Dejvice nádraží is up in the air again. The Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) wants to withdraw from a contract for the future sale of the Prague 6 station’s land to developer Amádeus Real.

National | Business | Brno Daily

A round-up of the Czech Republic's main headlines from November.

National | Business | Kyiv Post

The Czech Republic rejects militarization of Crimea and the Sea of Azov. "During the meeting with Ukrainian Minister Pavlo Klimkin I reassured him of our full support. Czechia will not recognize the annexation of Crimea by Russia, we reject militarization of the peninsula and of the Sea of Azov. We stand by Ukraine in difficult times," Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Tomas Petricek posted on Twitter following the meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin in Brussels.

National | Business | Prague Daily Monitor

Czech Television reports that the number of people who were diagnosed with Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis this year, was the highest in seven years. 4,018 people were affected by Lyme disease and 627 by encephalitis.

Prague | Prague Daily Monitor

In a major blow to Estonian ride-sharing app Taxify, a Prague City Court ruled on Tuesday, that it could not continue to provide services in the city, unless it fulfilled the legal obligations of operating as a taxi service. The City Court's decision will require all Taxify drivers to obtain taxi licenses and have taximeters installed in their cars, amongst other legal requirements. Taxify indicated that it intends to challenge the City Court's ruling in a higher court and in the meanwhile, its drivers will continue to ply the streets.

Prague | Radio Prague

Locals in a protected villa district in Prague's Vinohrady were shocked as one of the houses, an art deco building from 1921, started being torn down on Friday. The local mayor immediately halted the demolition and is pursuing legal measures to protect the villa.

National | EurActiv

The Czech attitude towards the eurozone is only a small part of a bigger problem called "searching for the right approach to the EU", says Czech MEP Luděk Niedermayer (EPP).