Sunday, 14 October 2018
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Many of those who live in the Czech Republic may tell you that they have met or at least seen someone who is involved in medieval reenactment. From musicians to swordsmen, there is a sizeble group of middle-ages enthusiasts in the country. One group however has taken things to the next level.

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A highly venomous green mamba snake that escaped from its presumed owner on Tuesday after biting her in the Czech capital, Prague, has been caught. The snake had gone into hiding in a Prague district and residents were placed on alert and warned to keep an eye out for the reptile. The woman, who had not registered the snake, is in an induced coma at a city hospital after receiving an antidote. The snake was caught in a tree near its home on Friday.

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The country goes to the polls this weekend as citizens decide on 27 senate seats and the governance of municipalities and cities across the country. The polls are seen as a major test for the grassroots strength of the ruling ANO party, and their ability to make inroads at the local level.

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Having served as US secretary of state from 1997 to 2001, Madeleine Albright ranks as one of the most accomplished of all Czech-Americans. Radio Prague's Ian Willoughby got to speak to the Prague-born politician recently when she was special guest at the Reality Czech evening in New York.

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The Czech Republic's communal elections, which will take place this Friday and Saturday, differ from their presidential and parliamentary equivalents in that citizens of other EU member states are also allowed to vote.

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President Milos Zeman told TV Barrandov on Thursday that he expects to name Tomas Petříček (ČSSD) Foreign Minister next week. Petříček's appointment will bring some much needed stability to the ministry, after the Miroslav Poche saga which dragged on for many months and led to foreign diplomats commenting negatively on the situation at the ministry.

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A 4G mobile signal was launched Oct. 2 between Muzeum and IP Pavlova on the Metro C line. By the end of October, it will cover all the way to Roztyly, and the entire metro system should be covered by 2022. This is the first part of the underground track in which passengers can both make calls and surf the internet. The move comes just days before the Oct. 5–6 municipal elections and is part of a wave of projects either being started or announced.

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The unemployment rate in the 19 countries that use the euro as their currency reached 8.1% in August, its lowest since 2008, the EU statistical office Eurostat reported on Monday. The lowest unemployment rate was again reported in the Czech Republic, where just 2.5% of people aged between 15 and 74 are looking for work.

Czech Republic and the EU | Business | Prague Daily Monitor reports that Czech drivers are now receiving penalties and fines for traffic offences committed in other EU countries in the mail, and must pay them. This is possible due to the EUCARIS information sharing system between EU countries which contains information about drivers and car owners, to which Czechia also contributes and obtains data.

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The largest stereoscopic planetarium in central Europe was opened at Kraví hora on Tuesday. The new installation at the Observatory and Planetarium Brno offers a different perception of space and time.

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A highly poisonous green mamba snake which escaped from its owner on Tuesday in the Hlubočepy district of Prague 5 continues to be on the loose as police and experts look for it. The snake bit a woman, thought to be its owner on Monday.

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The Astrological Clock on the Old Town Hall was unveiled Sept. 28, after months of renovations to restore both its internal workings and its outer appearance in time for the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia.

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Macedonian President Ďorge Ivanov began a state visit to the Czech Republic on Wednesday. Ivanov will meet with President Milos Zeman on Thursday, and with PM Andrej Babis and MPs on Friday.

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Former Foreign Minister and TOP 09 politician has pneumonia and is unable to get out of bed, he announced on his Facebook page. Schwarzenberg who is a darling of Prague's cafe circles, founded TOP 09, and his presence in the last week of campaigning, for the upcoming communal elections will be sorely missed.

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Following remarks by Czech President Miloš Zeman in which he labelled Romani people lazy and said that 'slapping them' is the best way to deal with them, S&D Group spokesperson for Roma issues Soraya Post said: "I condemn this statement and I expect the country's judiciary to act on this – this is hate speech and racism, and that is against European law. Nobody should express him or herself like this, especially not a president of an EU member state."