Monday, 24 September 2018
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Hospodarske Noviny reports that a Czech built hospital in Goroka a provincial capital in Papua New Guinea opened this week.

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Police in Znojmo were called in by angry neighbours to shut down a techno birthday party that took place in Unanov near Znojmo on Saturday night, after over 700 guests showed up.

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The Czech government stands behind Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban after a European Parliament vote to sanction the country for flouting EU rules, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis said on Thursday. The vote on Thursday was the parliament's bid to launch the punitive process of the European Union treaty's Article 7, although the vote has little chance of ending up with the ultimate penalty of Hungary being suspended from voting in the EU.

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The block party on Americká Street in Prague 2, just off of náměstí Míru, will be one of the larger events in this year's Zažít město jinak (Different City Experience) festival, Saturday, Sept. 15. Events will start at 11 am and run to about 10 pm, when city noise regulations will call things to a halt.

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Czech Television and reported that the Prague higher court cancelled a verdict issued against former Prague mayors Tomáš Hudeček and Bohuslav Svoboda in the Opencard case, and returned the case to the lower courts.

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Czech pilot Roman Kramařík has completed a flight around the world in a small Cessna airplane marking the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia. Over the course of 46 days, the one-time aerobatic pilot crossed three oceans and three continents, covering over 40,000 kilometres.

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Václav Havel Airport Prague has opened a new aircraft standing area with a new departure waiting room. The stand is located in Terminal 1 and will contribute to a more convenient and faster clearance of aircraft, especially on long-distance routes.

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Police in Ostrava have launched an investigation after one person died and several more were poisoned after taking a synthetic drug similar to marijuana. While arrests have been made, it is unclear how many doses of the drug may be in circulation in the city.

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Radim Vondráček (ANO), the Speaker of the Czech Parliament, distanced himself from ANO's four MEPs, who broke with party ranks and voted against Hungary in the controversial vote in the European Parliament on Wednesday.

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Lidové noviny reports that the Prague transit company (DPP) is trialling new radio equipment in metro tunnels that will allow for mobile phone reception on certain sections of the C (Red) metro line in the next few weeks.

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The ill effects of a potent synthetic cannabinoid continue to be assessed as police in Ostrava reported a further 18 patients who were critically ill. The first case was reported on Monday with the death of a homeless person, whom emergency services failed to revive after suffering a seizure from smoking the drug. Investigations are on as to the source of the drug, with police having seized 40 dozes of the drug and currently prosecuting four men.

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PM Andrej Babiš said the Czech Republic would not raise the matter of sanctions against Russia internationally. Speaking to after a heavyweight meeting of the country's top politicians with President Miloš Zeman at Prague Castle on Wednesday, Babiš said his focus was the budget and migration and not Russia in the near future.

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The transit organizer in Prague wants to start express bus routes through tunnels to speed up public transportation. The city hopes to shorten the time on several routes and attract new customers.

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The Architect of the Year award has been bestowed upon a renowned educator and architect, Petr Hájek, who the judges said has responded with experimental flair on a wide range of challenging projects.

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Bořek Lizec, Consul General of the Czech Republic in Chicago, has unearthed and preserved remarkable stories of Czech-American friendships and come to believe that, quite possibly, Czechoslovakia would not have gained its independence had it not been for efforts of the people of Chicago and the Midwest.