Saturday, 22 September 2018
Politics | Prague Daily Monitor

The latest Kantar TNS / Median poll for Czech Television indicates that the Pirate Party and the Civic Democrats (ODS) have the highest election potential in Prague, with over a third of voters considering voting for either party. They are followed by the Spojené síly pro Prahu alliance (TOP09, KDU-CSL & STAN) with 25%, ANO at 23.5% and Praha sobě at 15.5%.

Arts | Prague | Prague TV

Prague City Hall plans to turn the space under where the statue of Stalin stood in Letná into a center for contemporary art as part of the National Gallery.

Prague | Real Estate | Prague TV

A new plan for Libeňský most calls for placing modern-design apartments and grassy fields on top of transportation tunnels. The proposal was put forward by Petr Stuchlík, a businessman who is running for Prague mayor in the upcoming municipal election on the ANO movement ticket.

National | Radio Prague

Scientists from the Czech Technical University in Prague are testing sensors built into bridges that should be able to continually monitor the strain and tension within the construction. If successful, the system could help prevent bridge overloads and other technical problems.

Politics | Business | Prague Daily Monitor

Lidové noviny reports that politician Václav Klaus Jr., intends to submit a draft law to parliament later this year that upholds the freedom of expression, and will prevent Facebook from blocking posts that it deems contrarian.

National | Business | Prague Daily Monitor

Právo reports that the government is currently putting in place steps to present another law that aims to regulate lobbying to parliament this fall. While most European countries already have strict regulation in place and require all lobbyists to be registered, the Czech Republic is still quite far behind.

Prague | Prague TV

Tram traffic will be disrupted in the center of Prague for much of the week, likely to Friday, Sept. 14. The reason is an accident that occurred on Spalena Street at around 8 pm on Sept. 7. The track from Lazarská to Národní divadlo to Újezd is closed for extensive emergency repairs at a turn in the street.

Politics | Prague | Prague TV

Prague City Hall drew numbers for the ballot positions for the municipal elections that will be held Oct. 5–6. Expats from EU countries can vote in the municipal elections if they register in advance at their local district office, but not the Senate elections.

National | Brno Daily

New pavilion "D" will be built at the Brno Exhibition Center (BVV). At the same time, pavilion "C" will be renovated. The city representatives approved a CZK 350 million loan for this purpose to Brno Trade Fairs a.s., the owner of BVV.

National | Brno Daily

Brno maintains numerous links with the Ukrainian city of Lviv, mainly through cultural and sporting events and special collaborations. The new official partnership between the cities is intended to reinforce and at the same time simplify mutual relations.

National | The Slovak Spectator

Marek Liška has written textbooks in a language close to students. He now plans to introduce them to Slovak schools.

Politics | Business | Prague Daily Monitor

Deputy PM and Foreign Minister, Jan Hamacek, who is also the head of the junior CSSD partner in the governing coalition, told TV Prima that PM Andrej Babis had yet to specifically give proof of Miroslav Poche's negative behaviour at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Prague | Business | Prague Daily Monitor

Pravo reports that the untenable housing situation in Prague with the rapid increase in housing prices has made it difficult for people working in the lowest paid professions to find accommodation. These include people working in services essential to the functioning of the city; including teachers, transportation workers, nurses, firemen and police officers.

Prague | Business | Prague TV

The IKEA furniture chain will open a store on Wenceslas Square on Sept. 20. The store will not carry a complete product line, but will instead be focused on items for living rooms. The 800-square-meter store will be in a building formerly used by Česká spořitelna at Václavské nám. 779/16. The furniture giant describes the shop as a pop-up studio, and they have had similar ones in other cities such as Stockholm, Zurich, Rome and Warsaw.

Prague | Prague TV

Prague has been criticized by UNESCO for its handling of the World Heritage Site in the city center, but despite that City Hall is contemplating loosening rather than tightening building restrictions in the designated buffer zone.