Thursday, 7 November 2019
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The Czech president fancies himself a provocateur – recently saying his country should reverse its recognition of Kosovo. But the government directs foreign policy. So should we care?

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A decades old statue is the newest battleground in Czech politics. But who cares and is it important?

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If the prime minister doesn't have to face criminal charges, it'll mean more stability but not more illiberal excess.

Opinion | World Politics Review

A long political drama ended in the Czech Republic this week with the government narrowly averting collapse, but only by surrendering to what amounts to a presidential coup.

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According to the latest quarterly report on extremism from the Czech Interior Ministry, the scandal named "Tomio Okamura" has reached a monstrous phase. The steep inclination of his political focus is culminating in a sheer extremism that is even overshadowing the "traditional" neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic propaganda on the extremist scene here.

Opinion | Balkan Insight

The Czech Republic's oligarch prime minister likes to present himself as a no-nonsense workaholic keeping the EU on its toes. But his image masks a populist instinct.

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Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) research shows that, yes, demonstrations can prevent the erosion of democracy. Here's what's going on.

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Politicians are getting the ingredients together for a dramatic fall while ignoring the very real heat outside.

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What's the story behind the largest protest in the Czech Republic since the Velvet Revolution in 1989? Here's what you need to know.

Opinion | Miami Herald

This week was a good one for people yearning to be free. It was an especially good week for those wanting to keep or to take back their government. Three nations showed us the way: Turkey, Ethiopia and the Czech Republic.

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Czech politics is defined by a struggle between the forces of nationalist populism, which accepts a certain degree of corruption and anti-democratic control, and liberals in the tradition of 1989 who want a democratic society and rule of law in addition to growing prosperity.

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Demonstrators protest against Babiš' corruption, but somehow, they are not particularly bothered by the fact that the whole system is rotten and other politicians and oligarchs also steal in the Czech Republic.

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1989 and 2019 in Prague and Beijing. From Sinopsis.

Opinion | Transitions Online

In the face of massive street demonstrations, the Czech prime minister must be hoping that the holidays bring the warm winds of apathy.

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EU has sticks when it comes to misuse of funds and it should use them to the full