Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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One was a singer, the other one an actor. Their deaths this month symbolize the continuing debate over the legacy of the fall of communism.

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September sees protests in the Czech Republic and a fight over abortion in Slovakia.

Opinion | Transitions Online

A recent decision to move a communist-era statue in Prague reveals the perils of reassessing the past.

Opinion | Transitions Online

After half a decade building its reputation as a leader in analyzing and countering disinformation, the Czech Republic must consider new sources and forms of the phenomenon.

Opinion | Transitions Online

In promising to protect the prime minister from domestic prosecution, President Milos Zeman could be moving his country closer to Poland or Hungary.

Opinion | TOL/German Marshall Fund

Three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Europe finds itself in crisis again.

Opinion | ROMEA.CZ

The integration of Romani people into society is not succeeding very well. A solution does exist for each problem, however, and the problems of the Romani minority are no exception. Experience with an integration project for Romani people in the Slovak village of Spišský Hrhov is proof that sometimes all it takes is for people to begin using their brains.

Opinion | Prague Daily Monitor

During the last spring, Bianca Bellová was criticized, if not attacked, by the feminists of the Czech Republic for what she wrote. A careful read and you will see that Bianca called feminists to spend some of their resources, time, and attention on their fellow women in the worst-off lands on this planet. Some say it was provocative, but I do not think that could undermine what women are going through in the Middle East.

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The Czech president fancies himself a provocateur – recently saying his country should reverse its recognition of Kosovo. But the government directs foreign policy. So should we care?

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A decades old statue is the newest battleground in Czech politics. But who cares and is it important?

Opinion | Bloomberg

If the prime minister doesn't have to face criminal charges, it'll mean more stability but not more illiberal excess.

Opinion | World Politics Review

A long political drama ended in the Czech Republic this week with the government narrowly averting collapse, but only by surrendering to what amounts to a presidential coup.

Opinion | ROMEA.CZ

According to the latest quarterly report on extremism from the Czech Interior Ministry, the scandal named "Tomio Okamura" has reached a monstrous phase. The steep inclination of his political focus is culminating in a sheer extremism that is even overshadowing the "traditional" neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic propaganda on the extremist scene here.

Opinion | Balkan Insight

The Czech Republic's oligarch prime minister likes to present himself as a no-nonsense workaholic keeping the EU on its toes. But his image masks a populist instinct.

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Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) research shows that, yes, demonstrations can prevent the erosion of democracy. Here's what's going on.