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Czech folk artist's award from Vladimir Putin sparks controversy

Radio Prague |
6 November 2018

On Sunday, one of the most famous Czech folk singers, Jaromír Nohavica, received the Medal of Pushkin in Moscow from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Nohavica's acceptance of the medal, which is awarded to citizens and foreigners after approval by Putin, has garnered controversy at home.

Pirates, ODS grow stronger as ANO and CSSD lose support

Prague Daily Monitor |
5 Nov 2018

The latest Kantar CZ poll for Czech Television, which looks at support for political parties should parliamentary elections be held today, saw support for the Pirates and ODS rise to 16% and 14% respectively.

KDU-ČSL wants Hampl to be head of the Senate

Prague Daily Monitor |
31 Oct 2018

The Christian Democrats, who currently have 15 senators in the upper house of parliament, want their candidate Václav Hampl to be the head of the Senate. Hampl, who is the former Rector of Charles University in Prague, does not have the support of the ODS or STAN, which are currently the biggest parties in the Senate with 18 senators each.

ČSSD MP Chvojka wants to get rid of criminal defamation

Prague Daily Monitor |
30 Oct 2018

Social Democrat MP Jan Chvojka who leads the party's caucus in the Chamber of Deputies wants to reform the law related to criminal defamation and get rid of it all together.

A new coalition is taking over Prague City Hall

Prague TV |
29 October 2018

Prague will have a new administration, after negotiations following the Oct. 5–6 elections. Local Pirate party leader Zdeněk Hřib will become the new mayor, and the Pirates will form a coalition with Praha sobě (PS) and United Force for Prague, a group that includes TOP 09, STAN and the Christian Democrats (KDU-ČSL).

Parliament writes to Zeman about invitation snub for MPs

Prague Daily Monitor |
26 Oct 2018

Radek Vondráček, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies wrote to Prague Castle to complain about President Miloš Zeman's selective guestlist for this weekend's Czechoslovak centenary celebrations. Many MPs did not receive invitations to state events scheduled for Sunday the 28th.

Pirate Zdeněk Hřib to be Prague mayor

Prague Daily Monitor |
26 Oct 2018

Zdeněk Hřib, Prague leader of the Pirate Party, will be the new mayor of Prague. His coalition partners, Jan Čižinský of Praha sobě and Jiří Pospíšil of Spojené síly, will remain members of city hall but will return to their other jobs - Čižinský as mayor of Prague 7, and Pospíšil to the European Parliament.

Brno coalition agreement to be presented on Tuesday

Prague Daily Monitor |
23 Oct 2018

Czech Television reports that the coalition of parties that intends to form city government in Brno will present their joint agenda and coalition agreement to the public on Tuesday. The coalition which has 33 of the 55 seats, includes the ODS, KDU-CSL, CSSD and the Pirates will aim to sign the agreement next week.

ČSSD leadership meeting affirms faith in Hamáček

Prague Daily Monitor |
22 Oct 2018

The Social Democrats' broader leadership meeting affirmed its faith in current party leader – Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamáček, who was challenged by many in the party and his own vice chair Martin Zimola, after the ČSSD's continuing debacle in recent elections.

Poche resigns as political secretary at FM

Prague Daily Monitor |
19 Oct 2018

MEP Miroslav Poche, who was a one-time CSSD nominee for the post of Foreign Minister, will finish his role as a political secretary at the ministry, at the end of this month.

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