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Gov't and Senate do not rule out legislative measures |
13 August 2013

The cabinet is obliged to maintain legislative continuity in the case of dissolution of the Lower House.

Powers of the president likely to become hot election campaign issue

Radio Prague |
13 August 2013

With the lower house set to vote on its dissolution next week and a general election likely to take place in October, Czech political parties are scrambling to finalize their candidates' lists and making last-minute decisions on their election campaign priorities.

Analyst Petr Just: early elections in play but not a sure thing

Radio Prague |
12 August 2013

In a week and a half's time, Czech MPs will vote on whether to dissolve the lower house with the aim of setting up early elections.

Czech Republic evidently heading for early elections

Radio Prague |
9 August 2013

The Czech Republic appears to be on course for early general elections after Wednesday's failed vote of confidence in the interim government exposed fissures in the previous coalition, which had been hoping for another crack at power. The alliance has now fallen apart, with the votes of former member TOP 09 set to tip the balance and bring about the dissolution of Parliament. Elections must be held within 60 days of Parliament being dissolved, with a vote therefore likely in October.

'A slide towards the Republic of Zeman'

Presseurop |
9 August 2013

The political crisis that started two months ago with the resignation of conservative PM Petr Nečas took a new twist on July 7 after the caretaker government of Jiří Rusnok lost a confidence vote in the parliament. For the Czech press, the political game is becoming more and more incomprehensible and self-referential.

Interim gov't loses vote of confidence in lower house

Radio Prague |
8 August 2013

The caretaker Czech government of Jiří Rusnok on Wednesday lost a vote of confidence in the lower house of Parliament after only 93 out of 193 MPs present backed the cabinet. President Zeman earlier suggested he would keep the interim government in power for some time; meanwhile, the country cloud moved closer to an early general election.

How the new Czech president is using a corruption scandal to stage a power grab

Global Post |
7 August 2013

Milos Zeman survived many political battles to win the largely ceremonial post of president this year. Now he's using it to dominate politics — again.

Toppled Czech PM Nečas divorces after scandal

Global Post/AFP |
7 August 2013

Former Czech prime minister Petr Nečas obtained a divorce from his wife Tuesday after he was toppled by a bribery and spy scandal involving his top aide and lover, a Prague court said.

Czech purge provokes cabinet legitimacy row before confidence vote

Reuters |
5 August 2013

The new Czech cabinet has embarked on a bureaucratic purge, provoking the kind of conflict over democratic legitimacy that is dividing a number of central and eastern European countries two decades after the fall of communism.

Gov't to face confidence vote 7 August

Reuters |
1 August 2013

The parliament will hold a vote of confidence on 7 August in the new leftist cabinet, formed by allies of President Miloš Zeman, a parliamentary source said on Wednesday. The government led by Prime Minister Jiří Rusnok so far lacks the support needed to win the vote. Its fall would extend the central European country's political crisis, which began after the previous centre-right cabinet lost power in June.

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