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President says charges in scandal "very serious"

Reuters |
17 June 2013

President Miloš Zeman said on Saturday that abuse of power and corruption charges against a close aide of Prime Minister Petr Nečas and other officials were "very serious" and seemed well founded.

Coalition could go on without PM Nečas: partner

Reuters |
17 June 2013

The Czech Republic's deputy premier said on Sunday some in the governing coalition are considering the option of ditching Prime Minister Petr Nečas after one of his closest aides was charged with bribery and ordering illegal surveillance.

Opposition demands PM resignation after raids

Reuters |
14 June 2013

The Czech republic's centre-left opposition Social Democrats demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Petr Nečas on Thursday after organised crime police raided government offices, party chief Bohuslav Sobotka said.

The end of an era?

The Economist |
4 June 2013

The business of legislating is at a virtual standstill in the Czech Republic. The government of Petr Nečas seems satisfied merely to hold on to power until elections in spring 2014. Politicking, on the other hand, is in full swing.

Prague mayor, other ODS councillors, dismissed

Radio Prague |
24 May 2013

Members of the Prague assembly on Thursday dismissed Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda as well as two other Civic Democrat councillors in a vote Thursday that sees the Civic Democrats head into the opposition for the first time in more than 20 years. The collapse of the council at City Hall was prompted earlier this week by TOP 09, whose members said they could no longer work with their partners on key issues.

Analyst: TOP 09 in high-stakes game to secure dominant position on political right

Radio Prague |
23 May 2013

Talks are continuing at Prague City Hall between former coalition partners the Civic Democrats and TOP 09.

President, education minister settle 'Putnagate'

Radio Prague |
23 May 2013

A controversy sparked by the Czech president's reluctance to appoint a university professor seems to have been resolved. Miloš Zeman's refusal to confer the title on Martin C. Putna, a literary historian and vocal critic of his, caused an outcry in the academic community and beyond. However on Wednesday, the president and the education minister struck a deal: Mr Putna will after all be appointed professor. But he will receive his decree from the minister rather than from the head of state himself.

Too little transparency in new law on political party financing

Transparency International |
13 May 2013

The Czech parliament is currently considering a new law to increase transparency in how political parties are funded. This should have been a reason to celebrate. But the law could and should have been so much better, says TI's Radim Bureš.

Settlement plans 'obnoxious,' says Czech foreign minister during visit to Israel

The Times of Israel |
9 May 2013

Considered Jerusalem's best friend in Europe, Prague accuses Israel of taking unnecessary steps 'to provoke everybody'.

Nečas urges caution, referendum on euro in wake of Zeman comments

Radio Prague |
26 April 2013

The rather moribund debate over when to join the single European currency has been revived in recent days, with President Miloš Zeman telling a German newspaper his country could adopt the euro within five years. The eurosceptic government is rather more cautious; PM Petr Nečas reiterated after a meeting with the head of the European Council on Thursday that his government had no plans to set a date for adoption.

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