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Nečas talks election

Prague Post |
28 May 2010

ODS chief says long-term unemployment is biggest fear, calls ČSSD 'irresponsibly populist'.

Election unlikely to show clear winner

The Wall Street Journal |
27 May 2010

Friday's elections for the lower house of the Czech parliament are unlikely to produce an outright winner, ushering in a period of coalition-building and horse-trading that will probably delay—and may even halt—much-needed economic reforms, such as cutting the government's deficit and reforming the state-funded pension system. ODS, trailing with roughly 20% of voter support, are calling for no new taxes, cuts in government spending, increased fees at state-run medical facilities and lower social spending.

Czech vote on knife edge

Reuters |
27 May 2010

The Czech Republic could face prolonged political deadlock after this week's election, with voters' support split between budget-cutting conservatives and leftists who want to protect those hit by the economic crisis.

Thai turmoil might decide Czech election stalemate

aktuálně.cz |
27 May 2010

There is a possibility that the unrest will make it difficult for Czech expats and tourists in Thailand to participate in the elections, as the Czech embassy and polling station is located in the part of Bangkok that was until recently closed to public out of security reasons.

Rich-poor divide clouds Czech policy as vote looms

Reuters |
26 May 2010

In the capital and other richer areas, right-wing parties have solidified support around a pledge to reorganize the welfare system with reforms they say are needed to prevent a Greek-style economic meltdown.

Final political poll shows everything still to play for

Radio Prague |
25 May 2010

With four days still to go before Czechs start voting in elections to the lower house, the last opinion poll has come out. But the political parties and their leaders still hope to sway some of those wavering or undecided voters with final rallies and debates still to come.

Paroubek breaks silence

Prague Post |
21 May 2010

After days of media silence, Social Democrat chief Paroubek spoke with The Prague Post May 13, sounding off on an array of issues including the economy, the euro currency and the disorder that has beset the rival Civic Democrats.

Political parties ponder plethora of possible post-election permutations

Radio Prague |
20 May 2010

Opinion polls suggest the Social Democrats should come first in the general elections held at the end of the next week, though what would happen next remains extremely unclear.

ČSSD will avoid 'hasty' savings, spur growth

Business Week/Bloomberg |
20 May 2010

The Social Democrats, who lead in opinion polls 10 days before general elections, will avoid "hasty" budget savings if they form the next government, the party leader Jiří Paroubek said. "If we cut budget spending now to a maximum, limit welfare payments, take away money from families with small children, if we simply make a hasty savings action, the economic crisis will return in some form," ČSSD leader told a party economic conference in Prague Wednesday.

Election Watch: Violence marks new low

Prague Post |
14 May 2010

Senseless violence has again reared its ugly head during campaigning for this month's parliamentary elections, making the deterioration of political debate in the Czech Republic complete.

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