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Who will feed ex-Czech PM Jiří Paroubek's new party?

Czech Position |
27 October 2011

Political/business circles are abuzz with rumors Prague lobbyists are funding the National Socialists-21st Century Left.

Schwarzenberg will run for president

Bloomberg |
24 October 2011

Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg declared his candidacy for president in 2013 when Václav Klaus's second term ends, ČTK reported, citing Schwarzenberg's announcement Saturday at a conference of his party, Top 09.

Bátora to enter electoral politics

Prague Post |
21 October 2011

Controversial ministry official to campaign for far right vote.

Andrej Babiš creates new civic group ANO2011

Czech Position |
21 October 2011

Billionaire Agrofert boss Andrej Babiš has applied to register a new civic association, ANO2011, but insists he won't enter politics.

Schwarzenberg to stand for presidency

Czech Position |
21 October 2011

Minister of foreign affairs and leader of the center-right party TOP 09, Karel Schwarzenberg, has stated that he would only consider standing as a presidential candidate in 2013 if direct elections are introduced. Nevertheless, it appears that President Václav Klaus' spate of recent attacks upon TOP 09 and Schwarzenberg personally may have prompted the foreign minister to reconsider.

Finance minister refuses to back lowest bid for eco-tender

Czech Position |
20 October 2011

None of the bids for the massive eco-tender to clean up the country's most polluted sties will be recommended by the Finance Ministry.

Korean ambassador on bilateral ties, investment opportunities and culinary experiences

Radio Prague |
19 October 2011

In the coming weeks, people in Prague will have a unique opportunity to sample traditional dishes and delicacies from South Korea – thanks to an event organized by the country's embassy.

PM's ally Bendl voted Central Bohemia leader

Czech Position |
18 October 2011

Newly-appointed agriculture minister, Petr Bendl, wins leadership of Civic Democrats' Central Bohemia branch by narrow margin.

'Extremist' civil servant who sparked gov't crisis stepping down

Czech Position |
17 October 2011

A controversial civil servant who almost sparked the fall of the fragile center-right coalition government over his outspoken remarks and far-right affiliations, has announced he is quitting the government post found for him. Ladislav Bátora announced Friday that he will leave the post of deputy chancellor at the minister of education's personal office.

Janeček: Public tender winners 'must strip naked'

Czech Position |
17 October 2011

Anticorruption Endowment founder Karel Janeček says MPs opposing draft anti-graft measures are lobbyists for ;corruptioneers'.

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