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MEP's ties to IZIP 'wider' than admitted

Czech Position |
28 November 2011

MEPs Ouzký and Cabrnoch transferred shares in IZIP this summer to eHI eHealth Int'l; but what of MD Access?

Speculation surrounds fall of Prague's grand coalition

Radio Prague |
23 November 2011

The grand coalition of Civic and Social Democrats at Prague City Hall is about to end, a year after it assumed power. In a surprise move, the Civic Democrats in the capital on Tuesday announced they were leaving the ruling bloc, justifying the step by budget and personal issues. However, the unconvincing explanation has given rise to wide-ranging speculation about the real reason behind the reshuffle.

Prague Mayor says bid to unseat him, not 'deadlock,' behind death of ODS-ČSSD coalition

Czech Position |
23 November 2011

ODS Prague branch head initiates end of coalition with ČSSD in Prague assembly; Mayor Svoboda says he – and refuse – may be the cause.

Ex-Czech minister turned Slavia boss faces financial vetting by MPs

Czech Position |
23 November 2011

Aleš Řebíček told Slavia Prague fans he sold his Viamont stake for CZK 750 million; the figure doesn't jibe with his official declarations.

A year with 'Super Guru' Vít Bárta in the underbelly of Czech politics

Czech Position |
22 November 2011

A star Czech investigative reporter has written a book on the rise of Public Affairs party and security agency ABL founder Vít Bárta.

Czech tycoon beats drum for political clean-up

TrustLaw/Reuters |
18 November 2011

While thousands in the United States and Europe take to the streets against big money, a popular campaign against corruption in the Czech Republic is being led by one of its richest men.

Kuba named industry minister; ODS veteran Doktor quits in protest

Czech Position |
18 November 2011

Martin Kuba officially named as Czech industry and trade minister; overlooked Michal Doktor quits ODS after 20 years in protest.

PM chooses new industry and trade minister

Czech Position |
16 November 2011

On Tuesday morning the office of President Václav Klaus announced that he will officially name the new Minister of Industry and Trade on Wednesday at 11:00, but declined to reveal the name. Later in the day, however, government spokesman Jan Osúch confirmed that Prime Minister Petr Nečas has appointed fellow Civic Democrat (ODS) Martin Kuba to the post.

Czech gov't has nine lives; Kocourek will also likely land on his feet

Czech Position |
15 November 2011

The Nečas-led coalition government has been plagued by instability, infighting and Cabinet resignations; last week's voting didn't help.

Czech opposition says would keep some reforms

Reuters |
14 November 2011

The leading Czech opposition party would keep some of the centre-right government's reforms in place if it came to power in the next election due in 2014, but it would look to reverse a planned pension overhaul, its leader said Saturday.

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