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No-confidence motion stains PM's image

The Wall Street Journal |
17 December 2010

The no-confidence motion against the three-party coalition government — freshly filed by the largest Czech opposition party Social Democrats, or ČSSD — is unlikely to pass because the center-right government has a comfortable majority of 118 parliamentary votes out of 200. It may, however, shatter Prime Minister Petr Nečas's image of a corruption buster.

Environment minister steps down amidst corruption scandal

Radio Prague |
16 December 2010

The Czech environment minister, Civic Democrat Pavel Drobil, has announced his resignation over a corruption scandal at the ministry. Mr Drobil's decision came hours after the daily Mladá fronta Dnes exposed practices aimed at channelling money from the ministry-controlled State Environmental Fund.

"Voter revolution" in Czech politics

The Budapest Times |
16 December 2010

The overwhelming trend in Czech politics in 2010 is what political analyst Jiří Pehe calls a "voters' revolution," even if that revolution remained stillborn at the ballot box.

Political greenhorn Jan Kalousek

Leaders Magazine |
15 December 2010

An interview with Jan Kalousek, a singer, composer and text writer who entered Czech politics as an independent candidate on the ODS ballot list for the Prague municipal elections earlier this year.

A talk with Culture Minister Jiří Besser

Leaders Magazine |
13 December 2010

Culture Minister Jiří Besser talks about 2011 budgetary cuts, the National Gallery head selection procedure and
the state-church property settlement.

Czech left launches court challenge of savings

Reuters |
9 December 2010

The Czech leftist opposition has filed an appeal with the Constitutional Court demanding that it strike down the government's key budget savings laws approved last month, party leaders said on Wednesday.

An interview with Peter Tluchoř, ODS Deputy Group Head of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament

Leaders Magazine |
26 November 2010

An interview with Peter Tluchoř, the ODS Deputy Group Head of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

A talk with Zdeněk Tůma, TOP 09 party frontrunner for Lord Mayor of Prague

Leaders Magazine |
25 November 2010

A talk with Zdeněk Tůma, TOP 09 party frontrunner for Lord Mayor of Prague.

Interview with Senator and Deputy Mayor of Žďár nad Sázavou Dagmar Zvěřinová

Leaders Magazine |
24 November 2010

Interview with Dagmar Zvěřinová, Senator and Deputy Mayor of Žďár nad Sázavou.

German president skirts historical minefields on first visit since election

Radio Prague |
23 November 2010

German President Christian Wulff arrived in Prague on Monday for his first visit to the Czech Republic since becoming head of state. While overall relations between the two countries are rosy, the visit was to some extent overshadowed by history and is still expected to raise some thorny issues.

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