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News analysis: In Parliament, a calm before the storm

Prague Post |
5 August 2011

Summer recess foreshadows a contentious political season come the autumn.

Parties struggle to find roles for former leaders

Radio Prague |
5 August 2011

The former leader of the Czech Social Democrats Jiří Paroubek has announced plans to leave the party and establish a new political group. Should his intentions materialize, he would be the second Social Democrat leader to do so, after Miloš Zeman whose own political project caused significant harm to the Social Democrats in the last general elections. But in Czech politics, problems with former party leaders are not unusual.

Klaus to pen intro for Aussie comrade in arms' kids book on global warming

Czech Position |
4 August 2011

President Václav Klaus to write forward to book for high-schoolers by Australian scientist, fellow climate change skeptic Ian Plimer.

Schwarzenberg won't be in next gov't

Czech Position |
3 August 2011

Foreign minister, deputy PM, and leader of the center-right TOP 09 party Karel Schwarzenberg told the Internet news site Parlamentní listy that he will not be in the next government. He also named defense and security as the top priority of Czech foreign policy and called for an increase in defense spending, especially due to the dwindling of US foreign military capabilities and the country's switch of defense focus from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Fin Min fined for release of bank details

Czech Position |
2 August 2011

Finance Ministry fined for making public details of bank account of ProMoPro owner Jaroslav Veselý, suspected of ripping off the state.

Dealing intelligently with the spy services

Czech Position |
22 July 2011

Specific legislation is required for the intelligence services including provisions for out-going directors.

Foreign Min: There is an expert consensus on Russia

Leaders Magazine |
21 July 2011

An interview with Martin Košatka, Director of the Department of Northern and Eastern Europe, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Senate backs anti-communist recognition

Czech Position |
21 July 2011

A move to recognize and reward active opponents of the Communist regime in former Czechoslovakia has taken a big step forward.

PM seeks anonymous political campaigning ban

Czech Position |
20 July 2011

PM Petr Nečas presents a seven-point plan to ban surreptitious political campaigning and render financing more transparent.

Lobbying delays new head of energy regulator

Czech Position |
19 July 2011

One can only hope that the ruling coalition won't allow a puppet of powerful energy firms to head the energy regulator.

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