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New Employment Office job tender 'scandalous'

Czech Position |
14 February 2011

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MLSA), headed by Jaromír Drábek (TOP 09), has a preliminary internal tender for the main managerial posts for the soon-to-be-established Employment Office of the Czech Republic. The circumstances surrounding this tender and its course strongly suggest discriminatory practices.

Václav Klaus: 'Under no circumstances will I retire'

Czech Position |
7 February 2011

President Václav Klaus speaks for the first time about his plans after the presidency, in an exclusive interview with Czech Position.

SANEP: Elections now would be a 'debacle' for ODS

Czech Position |
4 February 2011

Poll shows ODS-led coalition losing power if elections were held now, with the ČSSD–KSČM winning 104 seats in Parliament.

Interview with Alexandr Vondra

Leaders Magazine |
31 January 2011

"Our army needs to have a vital vision," says Defence Minister Alexandr Vondra in an inteview with Leaders Magazine.

Drobil got nod from 'godfather' on SFŽP post

Czech Position |
28 January 2011

Michálek: Ostrava businessman Zátorský wielded influence over ousted Environment Minister Drobil regarding his appointment.

Schwarzenberg meets counterpart ahead of Macedonia President's visit

Czech Position |
27 January 2011

Milošoski and Schwarzenberg discussed a wide range of bilateral relations, from security in the Balkans to EU enlargement.

Kalousek's threats to bring criminal charges over IPB empty?

Czech Position |
27 January 2011

The Constitution is clear on collective gov't responsibility, but could ex-Premier Miloš Zeman and a former ČNB governor really be tried?

Nečas' meeting with new top cop Lessy was no laughing matter

Czech Position |
27 January 2011

Although Prime Minister Petr Nečas continued to hold misgivings about the new Police president, he didn't veto the appointment. Why?

Foreign policy review searches for new directions

Radio Prague |
26 January 2011

The Czech Foreign Minister has announced a wide ranging review of foreign policy to take account both of changes in the Czech Republic and those in the wider world.

Star power: Tomáš Chalupa's peculiar journey from mayor to minister

Czech Position |
24 January 2011

The ODS has criticized the precedent the Kubišová-Vondráčková case set but used similar tactics in the Prague 6 local elections.

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