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On TOP in Prague

The Economist |
19 October 2010

The technical winner of the weekend's local elections was the Social Democratic party. A look below the surface and a different and more complex picture emerges. In vast majority of cities and villages it was independent local groupings, not mainstream parties that won.

Mayor candidates 2010: Zdeněk Tůma

Prague Post |
15 October 2010

Tůma and TOP 09 talk change, but remain reluctant to criticize past leadership.

Czechs vote in 'referendum' on austerity that may weaken cabinet stability

Bloomberg |
15 October 2010

Prime Minister Petr Nečas's three-month-old government may be weakened by municipal and Senate elections that begin today amid growing anger over spending cuts.

New parties under pressure to do well in upcoming elections, says Pehe

Radio Prague |
15 October 2010

Record numbers of candidates are running in elections for municipal councils, with one of the most interesting races expected in Prague: the Civic Democrats have dominated City Hall since the fall of communism, but could now lose for the first time.

Coalition parties fight over policy

Prague Post |
8 October 2010

Klaus-Schwarzenberg row highlights government power struggle.

Analyst: Prague municipal election will be fight between ODS and TOP 09

Radio Prague |
16 September 2010

"To a degree I think that the municipal election will be the public's judgment on the Civic Democrats' ability to continue as the dominant party on the political Right," says political analyst Jiří Pehe.

Socialist Vice-Chair first defends xenophobic slogan, then calls for it to go

15 September 2010

Bohuslav Sobotka, the Vice-Chair of the Czech Social Democratic Party (ČSSD) has been waffling in his response to the campaign being run by the local ČSSD organization in Most.

Nečas draws fire over human rights moves

Prague Post |
10 September 2010

Kocáb forced out after premier names new adviser.

Klaus tells Chamber strong govt majority presents rare chance to implement reforms

Radio Prague |
8 September 2010

On Tuesday morning Václav Klaus addressed deputies in the lower house of the Czech Parliament, stating that the new government's strong majority created an opportunity for economic reform that may not come again.

Political pundit's recipe for election success

Radio Prague |
7 September 2010

Political analyst Jiří Pehe talks about in what way this election campaign may differ from previous ones.

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