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Lawyers make grim assessment of legal progress, poll shows

Czech Position |
29 December 2010

The majority of the lawyers hold the opinion that enforceability of law in the Czech Republic did not improve this year.

Anti-corruption strategy reaps 'pathetic' results

Czech Position |
28 December 2010

If the government's new anti-corruption strategy were applied to the Drobil affair, the result would be poor, the NKÚ's Miloslav Kala says.

Prague mayor defends allegedly suspect CZK 20bn tender

Czech Position |
28 December 2010

The CZK 20 billion tender to renovate Prague's waste water treatment plant is under question in wake of the Environment Ministry scandal.

Hopping on austerity bandwagon: 2010 in politics

aktuálně.cz |
28 December 2010

The late-May legislative election in the Czech Republic took place amid the pan-European debt crisis and "Greek scare", which influenced heavily the electoral campaign.

Interview with First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Jiří Schneider,

Leaders Magazine |
22 December 2010

Interview with Jiří Schneider, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

No-confidence motion stains PM's image

The Wall Street Journal |
17 December 2010

The no-confidence motion against the three-party coalition government — freshly filed by the largest Czech opposition party Social Democrats, or ČSSD — is unlikely to pass because the center-right government has a comfortable majority of 118 parliamentary votes out of 200. It may, however, shatter Prime Minister Petr Nečas's image of a corruption buster.

Environment minister steps down amidst corruption scandal

Radio Prague |
16 December 2010

The Czech environment minister, Civic Democrat Pavel Drobil, has announced his resignation over a corruption scandal at the ministry. Mr Drobil's decision came hours after the daily Mladá fronta Dnes exposed practices aimed at channelling money from the ministry-controlled State Environmental Fund.

"Voter revolution" in Czech politics

The Budapest Times |
16 December 2010

The overwhelming trend in Czech politics in 2010 is what political analyst Jiří Pehe calls a "voters' revolution," even if that revolution remained stillborn at the ballot box.

Political greenhorn Jan Kalousek

Leaders Magazine |
15 December 2010

An interview with Jan Kalousek, a singer, composer and text writer who entered Czech politics as an independent candidate on the ODS ballot list for the Prague municipal elections earlier this year.

A talk with Culture Minister Jiří Besser

Leaders Magazine |
13 December 2010

Culture Minister Jiří Besser talks about 2011 budgetary cuts, the National Gallery head selection procedure and
the state-church property settlement.

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