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Dobeš's smokescreen raises more questions at ministry

Czech Position |
1 March 2011

Education Minister Dobeš's close collaborators may have illegally collected and read MŠMT employees' e-mails.

Poll: Public favors Hašek to lead ČSSD; party voters want Sobotka

Czech Position |
18 February 2011

The general public and Social Democratic voters are split on whom the party should name as its new leader at the March congress.

STEM poll: Ruling Czech coaliton gaining ground

Czech Position |
16 February 2011

Since the previous STEM poll, more undecided voters have chosen sides, helping the ruling center-right coalition to narrow the gap.

New Employment Office job tender 'scandalous'

Czech Position |
14 February 2011

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MLSA), headed by Jaromír Drábek (TOP 09), has a preliminary internal tender for the main managerial posts for the soon-to-be-established Employment Office of the Czech Republic. The circumstances surrounding this tender and its course strongly suggest discriminatory practices.

Václav Klaus: 'Under no circumstances will I retire'

Czech Position |
7 February 2011

President Václav Klaus speaks for the first time about his plans after the presidency, in an exclusive interview with Czech Position.

SANEP: Elections now would be a 'debacle' for ODS

Czech Position |
4 February 2011

Poll shows ODS-led coalition losing power if elections were held now, with the ČSSD–KSČM winning 104 seats in Parliament.

Interview with Alexandr Vondra

Leaders Magazine |
31 January 2011

"Our army needs to have a vital vision," says Defence Minister Alexandr Vondra in an inteview with Leaders Magazine.

Drobil got nod from 'godfather' on SFŽP post

Czech Position |
28 January 2011

Michálek: Ostrava businessman Zátorský wielded influence over ousted Environment Minister Drobil regarding his appointment.

Schwarzenberg meets counterpart ahead of Macedonia President's visit

Czech Position |
27 January 2011

Milošoski and Schwarzenberg discussed a wide range of bilateral relations, from security in the Balkans to EU enlargement.

Kalousek's threats to bring criminal charges over IPB empty?

Czech Position |
27 January 2011

The Constitution is clear on collective gov't responsibility, but could ex-Premier Miloš Zeman and a former ČNB governor really be tried?

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