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Foreign policy review searches for new directions

Radio Prague |
26 January 2011

The Czech Foreign Minister has announced a wide ranging review of foreign policy to take account both of changes in the Czech Republic and those in the wider world.

Star power: Tomáš Chalupa's peculiar journey from mayor to minister

Czech Position |
24 January 2011

The ODS has criticized the precedent the Kubišová-Vondráčková case set but used similar tactics in the Prague 6 local elections.

Environment Minister rules out closer ties with PPF

Czech Position |
19 January 2011

What ties with PPF will Tomáš Chalupa bring from Prague 6 municipal politics — and his private life — to the ministry?

'Greenhorn' given green light to head Environment Ministry

Czech Position |
11 January 2011

Current Prague 6 mayor Tomáš Chalupa has been named the new environment minister to replace Pavel Drobil who resigned last month following a corruption scandal at the State Environmental Fund (SFŽP). While he may not be as inclined to favor industry over environment as his predecessor, Chalupa is a blank slate in terms of environmental experience, writes Čestmír Klos in Czech Position.

Parties granted over CZK 1bn in govt subsidies in 2010

Czech Position |
4 January 2011

State reimbursements to political parties doubled in 2010 but should drop in 2011 due to austerity measures.

Klaus slams greens, doctors in New Year's Day speech

Czech Position |
4 January 2011

While condemning corruption in general, Klaus supported the current ODS-led gov't but expressed no sympathy for exiting doctors.

2010 in Czech foreign relations

aktuálně.cz |
30 December 2010

Looking at what happened in 2010 in Czech foreign relations, one cannot but conclude that the key factor that determined the country's foreign policy has been its geopolitical position of a "bridge" between the United States and Russia.

Economist Jan Švejnar would win presidency in direct vote

Czech Position |
29 December 2010

Median agency poll shows that given the chance to vote, Jan Švejnar would be the people's choice to replace Václav Klaus.

Lawyers make grim assessment of legal progress, poll shows

Czech Position |
29 December 2010

The majority of the lawyers hold the opinion that enforceability of law in the Czech Republic did not improve this year.

Anti-corruption strategy reaps 'pathetic' results

Czech Position |
28 December 2010

If the government's new anti-corruption strategy were applied to the Drobil affair, the result would be poor, the NKÚ's Miloslav Kala says.

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