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Czech Voters Mistrust All Top Politicians

Angus Reid Global Monitor |
11 August 2009

Few people in the Czech Republic express confidence in the country’s top political leaders, according to a poll by Factum Invenio. 30 per cent of respondents trust Karel Schwarzenberg, leader of the new conservative party TOP 09.

Czech election race starts, with economy at center

Reuters |
5 August 2009

Czech political rivals launched their campaigns on Tuesday for an October general election that will shape the country's response to the economic crisis and a fast-growing budget shortfall.

ČEZ will help ČSSD in campaign in exchange for carbon credits

By Luboš Kreč | Hospodářské noviny |
30 Jul 2009

The ČSSD will boast in their election campaign that they have prompted ČEZ to spend CZK 25 billion to help municipalities build small environmentally-friendly power stations.

Without a strong theme, the ČSSD grows nervous

28 July 2009

ČSSD members are afraid that the party will not succeed in the upcoming parliamentary elections and have already started looking for a scapegoat. Paroubek’s chair is nowhere near as stable as it used to be.

Zubová is leader of Czech Greens splinter party

+CTK |
30 Jun 2009

MP Olga Zubová has been elected the chairwoman of the Democratic Green Party (DSZ) and she will lead the party ahead of the October general elections.

'They told me to stay away from politics'

By Lenka Zlámalová, Tomáš Němeček | Hospodářské noviny |
29 Jun 2009

Politics is clearly something that interim PM Jan Fischer enjoys. But in an interview with Hospodářské noviny, he repeats several times that he does not want a political career.

ČSSD losing support for 'old recipes'

aktuálně.cz |
24 June 2009

ODS are back in the game as the Social Democrats pay dearly for toppling the Topolánek cabinet without offering an alternative.

Crisis helps right-wing parties across Europe

16 June 2009

An interesting paradox can be seen in the results of the European Parliament election: although Europe is fighting an economic crisis, left-wing parties are losing and Europe is heading toward the right.

Deputies on Facebook: A probe into the lower house

By Lucie Husárová | Tý |
15 Jun 2009

More and more legislators have discovered the charm of social networking.

Mirek Topolánek: ODS has to find a million votes by October

By Marie Valášková | Hospodářské noviny |
By  |
10 Jun 2009

If the current two green parties continue with their fratricidal fight, they have no chance to get into the lower house, and all political parties will have to offer their own ideas to voters, ODS chairman Mirek Topolánek said in an interview with HN.

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