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Prague TV |
26 February 2010

Despite a wave of speculation about its non-transparent sponsors and suspicious deals, the Czech political party Věci veřejné (VV; "Public Affairs") charms supporters with its openness on a local level and is riding high in national polls.

MPs overturn anti-crisis measure

Earthimes |
25 February 2010

The lower house Wednesday overturned one of the measures adopted earlier to help the country weather the global economic crisis. Just months before the May 28-29 general election, the 200-seat parliament's lower house voted 94-60 to reverse a cut in maternity leave benefits that has been in force since January. If approved by the Senate and the president, the law would cost CZK 1.5 billion at a time when the country's budget gap has ballooned owing to the crisis.

Czech parties agree to end parliamentary deadlock

Forexyard/Reuters |
24 February 2010

Czech political parties settled on Tuesday a dispute which has paralysed parliamentary business for weeks, allowing the non-partisan government to push through some legislation but keeping big spending bills off the agenda.

Czech ex-PM Topolánek divorced. No Sarkozy-like show

aktuálně.cz |
23 February 2010

Mirek Topolánek, the leader of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) and the former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, is divorced. The district court in Prague 6 annulled his marriage to Pavla Topolánková Monday, during its second hearing on the issue.

Czech election season kicks off with calls for defenestration

The Wall Street Journal |
27 January 2010

In May, Czechs will likely head to polling rooms in the long-awaited general elections, but Tuesday the campaign season got underway with leading politicians making speeches at the start of the Czech parliament's 2010 plenary session.

Czech politicians struggle with the demands of campaigning online

Radio Prague |
7 January 2010

It appears that Czech politicians have discovered the power of the Internet. But while elsewhere the medium has revolutionized campaigning thanks to its interactivity, in the Czech Republic it has acquired the form of gauche New Years' greetings from politicians, boring web sites and fraudulent web pages ridiculing the politician or party in question.

Socialist medicine

15 December 2009

The Party of European Socialists (PES) kicked off its eighth congress in Prague last Monday, the same day the Copenhagen climate summit started.

Topolánek: Ready to serve on

10 November 2009

If the Chamber of Deputies makes important changes in the state budget for the next year, ODS Chairman Mirek Topolánek will have to take Jan Fischer’s Cabinet for a puppet government, and the most powerful party may consider the possibility of changing its present stance for that of pure opposition.

Interview: Václav Havel on US relations with central Europe

22 October 2009

Former Czech President Václav Havel talks in a wide-ranging RFE/RL interview about what he expects to hear from U.S. Vice President Joe Biden when he visits the Czech Republic this week.

PM Fischer outlines government's priorities for remainder of period in office

Radio Prague |
22 October 2009

Prime Minister Jan Fischer addressed the lower house on Wednesday, and outlined his caretaker government's major priorities for the coming months.

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