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Klaus is crowning his triumphant crusade

20 October 2009

President Václav Klaus is definitely celebrating the biggest triumph of his political career. His blocking the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty forced European politicians to stand at attention and agonize over the question of how to satisfy Klaus.

Politicians only ask when we sha­ll decide

20 October 2009

Chairman of the Czech Constitutional Court Pavel Rychetský declined to comment on the latest condition set by President Klaus, who is demanding a so-called “opt-out clause” for the Czech Republic that would exclude property claims by Germans expelled from Czechoslovakia after World War II under the provisions of the Beneš Decrees.

To Russia with love: smiles all round as Czech President visits Moscow

Radio Prague |
16 October 2009

Radio Prague talked with Jiří Schneider of the Prague Security Studies Institute why President Klaus is so pro-Russian.

Havel: Czech president is damaging the country by not signing the EU reform treaty

Chicago Tribune / AP |
16 October 2009

Václav Havel, who led the 1989 Velvet Revolution that peacefully toppled communism in the former Czechoslovakia, accused his presidential successor on Thursday of damaging the country by refusing to sign the EU reform treaty.

Havel, still a man of morals and mischief

The New York Times |
15 October 2009

It was supposed to be an interview mulling over the revolutions that overturned communism 20 years ago in Europe. But Václav Havel, man of words and unshakable determination, had a question.

Cabinet in emergency session over Lisbon

Times Online |
12 October 2009

The cabinet meets in emergency session today to consider how to persuade the president to sign the Lisbon Treaty — under pressure from Paris and Berlin to complete the ratification. With Klaus demanding a last-minute amendment, the government is locked in a trial of strength with its head of state and on the brink of a constitutional crisis.

Czech Republic mulls embassy closures |
6 October 2009

The Czech Foreign Ministry is weighing closing its consulate in Montreal to save money and in response to Canada's visa rules, diplomatic sources say.

NERV offers Czechs a vision

By Karel Toman | aktuálně.cz |
30 Sep 2009

The government's national economic council, NERV, ended its activities on 14 September, but it is offering the Czech Republic a new beginning.

TOP 09: get ready for tough times

aktuálně.cz |
1 September 2009

Czechs must get ready to slash government spending and dish out more in taxes if the country is to avoid the kind of financial collapse that has swept Hungary and the Baltics, the chief of a new Czech party said.

Call for state funding of political parties to be halved

Radio Prague |
24 September 2009

Czech political parties have probably never been at a lower level of public estimation. So a proposal to halve the generous cash payments to parties by the state as part of the overall belt tightening looks like a popular and winning move. The only problem is that most of the parties do not to share the enthusiasm.

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