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European elections stage rehearsal for autumn

2 June 2009

A deep lack of understanding of the way European institutions work is expected to keep Czechs away from voting polls this weekend.

'No more eggs, no more Martians'

By Vojtěch Blažek | Hospodářské noviny |
28 May 2009

Lukáš Botka is quitting – he will no longer be an egg-throwing extraterrestrial at ČSSD events.

Kalousek won't be disciplined for obscene gesture

Aktuálně.cz |
22 December 2008

Rules of procedure ban legislators from vulgar or otherwise offensive behaviour on parliamentary soil. A transgressor may be disciplined; the highest penalty is a fine worth his or her one-month salary.

Topolánek preparing government reshuffle

EU business/AFP |
17 December 2008

Three weeks before his country takes over the European Union presidency, Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek said Tuesday he was preparing a reshuffle of his centre-right coalition.

Paroubek calls KDU-ČSL preferred regional partner

Aktuálně.cz |
22 October 2008

Only if talks failed with KDU-ČSL would the ČSSD consider cooperation with the communists, opposition leader Jiří Paroubek said.

Cabinet survives no-confidence vote

23 October 2008

The Mirek Topolánek's centre-right cabinet barely survived a no-confidence vote Wednesday less than three months before the Czech Republic takes over the EU presidency.

Greens, ODS fighting over Havel

aktuálně.cz |
18 May 2009

Twenty years after the fall of communism, former President Václav Havel, the face of the Velvet Revolution, is becoming the election triumph of a parliamentary party.

Klaus: New ministers are not experts coming out of nowhere

Hospodářské noviny |
8 Apr 2009

A day after government coalition parties agreed with the Social Democrats that statistical office head Jan Fischer should be the new prime minister, President Václav Klaus talked about the government crisis in an interview with Czech Radio.

Remarks of President Barack Obama

US Embassy in Prague |
6 Apr 2009

A transcript of the president's Sunday speech, provided by the Embassy of the United States in Prague.

Topolánek loses vote of no confidence

International Herald Tribune |
25 March 2009

The Czech government lost a parliamentary vote of no confidence Tuesday, suffering an embarrassing defeat midway through its presidency of the European Union and casting doubt on the country's ability to shepherd the world's biggest trading bloc during a time of economic crisis.

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