Saturday, 24 June 2017
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Business | Real Estate | Prague TV

Old houses in Prague are five times more expensive than in the Vysočina region, which is the least expensive area of the Czech Republic. A square meter in Prague was CZK 50,840 on average at the end of the year, while in Vysočina it was CZK 9,618. Prices went up an 11.6% on average nationwide to CZK 23,218 per square meter, according to the company CeMap.

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Prague City Hall is planning to build hundreds of council houses within the next few years, the daily Hospodářské noviny wrote on Thursday. The first apartments are set to be built at the Černý Most housing estate. According to the daily, City Hall plans to select more locations in the city where hundreds of council apartments could be built in the near future.

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Petr Morcinek, who owns the M&M Reality estate firm, will be the chief manager of the Czech government ANO movement's campaign ahead of the October general election, ANO spokesman Vladimir Vorechovsky told CTK on Thursday, adding that the ANO board has approved Morcinek's nomination.

Prague | Real Estate | Prague TV

Prague representatives have approved preliminary ideas for the future appearance of Malostranské náměstí and the city could obtain a building permit this year. Work would not begin until 2018. The plan calls for fewer cars and more culture.

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KKCG plans to invest several billions of korunas into Top Rezidence residential projects in Prague in the coming years. The group is currently working on four locations.

Prague | Real Estate | Prague TV

Prague City Hall has approved increased flood protection for Old Town and Josefov. The barriers will be 30 centimeters higher than the 2002 flood level.

Prague | Real Estate | Prague TV

Members of Parliament are considering the creation of a buffer zone around the Chamber of Deputies building in Malá Strana for safety.