Friday, 14 August 2020


We're not here for the beer: Fun things to do in Pilsen with kids |
14 August 2020

There's more than enough fun on tap in this West Bohemian city which offers a great family getaway from Prague.

Beer bikes can return to central Prague this weekend as court overturns ban |
14 August 2020

The ban on beer bikes in the center of Prague will end on Saturday, August 15. The city's original ban was overturned by the Municipal Court and a 60-day temporary ban imposed by the city will expire. The city has filed an appeal with the Supreme Court and is awaiting a decision, but the ban will not be in effect in the meantime.

Tourists love locks turned into new church bell

Honest Guide |
11 August 2020

Janek and Honza travel to Innsbruck to see the Honest Bell.

Prague-based beer expert Evan Rail on how you can support Czech breweries |
10 August 2020

Pour yourself a cold one and settle in for a chat with the expat community's most famous beer aficionado.

Vltava River meander near Solenice

Radio Prague |
11 August 2020

Some 70 kilometres south of Prague, the Vltava River creates one of its most beautiful meanders. Because of its shape it is called Solenická Podkova or the Solenice Horseshoe.

Human rights activist Lukáš Houdek: Once I learnt to defend myself, it was natural to start fighting for others

Radio Prague |
11 August 2020

Lukáš Houdek is a Czech artist, a leading figure in the Hate Free Culture initiative, and an openly gay campaigner for LGBTQ rights. During Prague Pride week he met with Radio Prague to talk about his work, which has taken him from excluded localities in the Czech Republic to Ghana or, most recently, the Republic of South Africa.

Czechs report above EU-average satisfaction with personal relationships

Brno Daily |
7 August 2020

Czechs are among the happier people in Europe when it comes to their personal relationships, according to a recent report by Eurostat.

Fun things to do in Prague this weekend |
7 August 2020

This week saw the Prague Pride kick off in the Czech capital while picnic and outdoor cinema keep things interesting in the open air.

Faust House: Home of alchemists and other peculiar residents

Radio Prague |
7 August 2020

As its name suggests, Prague's Faust House is associated with a plethora of mysterious stories and legends. This episode of Landmark Prague Stories will take you to the southern side of Charles Square in Prague's New Town.

Romantic getaway in Prague: Now or never

By Nor'easter | Prague Daily Monitor |
7 Aug 2020

Nor'easter writes about a once in a lifetime opportunity - visit Prague while all the residents are in the countryside and the international tourists are severely restricted.

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