Friday, 4 December 2020


Czech millionaire goes undercover as part of new reality show

Romea |
4 December 2020

Prima TV has launched a new reality show based on a formula that has found millions of viewers elsewhere in the world. In "The Millionaire Among Us", seven millionaires agree to enter social situations that are far removed from their everyday lives from one day to the next and to spend a week there.

Prague in timelapse

Honest Guide |
2 December 2020

Wouldn't it be cool in these hard times if we could just skip time, push a button and fast forward? Well, thanks to the technology we have today we can do that. Watch!

The Holy Hill pilgrimage site with the Basilica of Our Lady

Radio Prague |
30 November 2020

This popular pilgrimage site with its Baroque complex of buildings and Basilica of Our Lady is located close to Olomouc city. It attracts thousands of believers and in 1995 was visited by Pope John Paul II.

Czech Republic to host Under-23 Men's Softball European Championship |
26 November 2020

Czech Republic has been awarded the 2022 edition of the Under-23 Men's Softball European Championship. The competition in Sezimovo Usti will act as a qualifier for the 2023 World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) Under-23 Men's Softball World Cup.

Charity - Support Your Locals

Prague Daily Monitor |
24 Nov 2020

The Prague Lions play American Football here in the Czech Republic but in addition to bringing us the game, they also are very active in charitable causes. The Support Your Locals charity drive was created to help both some struggling restaurants, as well as the men and women risking their lives on the frontlines of the health crisis.

Old Jewish cemetery in Kolín

Radio Prague |
23 November 2020

More than 2,600 gravestones have been preserved at the Old Jewish cemetery in Kolín. This makes it the second most important Jewish cemetery in the Czech Republic, right after the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague.

The story of the Czech "Bethlehem"

Radio Prague |
23 November 2020

Czechia has a Bethlehem. No one knows when and why it got its biblical name, but it is a unique quarter of 200-years-old log cottages in the town of Hlinsko. Formerly a center of pottery making and later weaving, it is now an open-air museum.

Black death: Prague's Jewish Ghetto and the plague of 1713

Radio Prague |
20 November 2020

For the past few years, the American historian Joshua Teplitsky has been collecting materials to write a microhistory of an early 18th century outbreak of plague in Prague, focusing on the city's large Jewish population. Suddenly, he found himself writing in the midst of a coronavirus outbreak.

Bust unveiled to pioneering Czech surgeon Eduard Albert

Radio Prague |
20 November 2020

This week, Charles University unveiled a bust to one of the most accomplished Czech surgeons - Eduard Albert. Little known today outside his discipline, Albert's name has nevertheless enshrined itself into Czech history through the various events that took place on Albertov, the street named after him.

První republika ‒ Pivní republika? First Republic ‒ Beer Republic?

Brno Daily |
19 November 2020

Beer is an important part of Czech identity and we now have an interesting take on its development. The Czech Statistical Office has dusted off a report on the Czechoslovak beer industry in the 1920s and it shows us how things have changed – or not – over the last 100 years.

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