Friday, 7 August 2020


RicharDavidArchitekti tops Czech home with a greenhouse

Dezeen |
25 May 2020

Architecture studio RicharDavidArchitekti has built a greenhouse on top of a single-storey family home within an orchard in the town of Chlum.

How the US cavalry saved some of world's most treasured horses in wartime Czechoslovakia

Radio Prague |
25 May 2020

In the closing days of World War Two a US Army unit took it upon itself to drive into a Czech village and rescue some of the most valuable horses in the world. The story has since inspired a Hollywood movie.

Back to work in Prague after the covid-19 quarantine

Prague Daily Monitor |
22 May 2020

I've started working from the office more often and this week has been a full commuting week. What has changed, what is new and how am I adjusting? Here is my update.

History in the making as Czech museum opens face mask exhibition

Reuters |
22 May 2020

In a sign that the coronavirus will one day be history, the Czech National Museum is opening an exhibition of face masks worn to protect against the infection.

Božena Němcová's home restored for bicentennial of her birth

Radio Prague |
22 May 2020

The central Bohemian home of writer Božena Němcová, known today as the "mother of Czech literature", has been restored to its full glory to mark the 200th anniversary of her birth. As of June, visitors can again tour the grand merchant's house in Červený Kostelec where Němcová began to dream of a literary career.

Comic strip

By Vincent Farnsworth | Prague Daily Monitor |
20 May 2020

A Dog Called Hater comic strip is back!

From MTV to Honest Guide

Honest Guide |
19 May 2020

Before catching crooks, Janek the Honest Guide had actually been pretty busy making entirely different videos. Grab the popcorn and enjoy this very special tour.

Prague uncovered: Folimanka |
18 May 2020

One of Prague's lesser-known parks, Folimanka is filled with sculptures and history, plus newly renovated playgrounds.

Despite coronavirus lockdown, tick-borne infections are on the rise |
15 May 2020

As tick season begins in the Czech Republic, here's how to prevent against and treat tick-borne illnesses.

In memoriam: Miloslav Stingl - Czech traveller, ethnographer and chief of Indian tribe

Radio Prague |
15 May 2020

The legendary Czech traveller, ethnographer and writer Miloslav Stingl has died at the age of 89. During his lifetime, Mr Stingl visited 151 countries, recording his experiences in more than 40 books, which influenced generations of readers. His main focus of interest was the life and rituals of indigenous peoples, such as the Mayas, Polynesians and Inuits.

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