Monday, 9 December 2019


Krampus parades planned for Prague and across Czech Republic |
29 November 2019

The half demon/half goat Krampus will punish bad children and stop for selfies across Prague and many other Czech towns.

The history of the "German Czechs"

Radio Prague |
29 November 2019

Czechia used to have a large German-speaking population. The "Bohemian-Germans", as they were called, inhabited especially the border region of the Sudetenland. However, many of them started settling here since the Middle Ages deep in the heart of what used to be the Duchy of Bohemia.

Ice skating rinks opening in Prague for the 2019/20 season |
28 November 2019

Skating rinks are opening across Prague for the winter season. Most offer skate rentals, and some have refreshments and other amenities.

Forgotten fighter

Transitions Online |
27 November 2019

The first female Nobel Peace Prize winner, an early activist for peace and women's rights, remains largely unknown in her birthplace of Prague.

Honest Guide: Things we lied about

Honest Guide |
26 November 2019

Sometimes we were not so honest in our videos and we decided that it's about time we come clean. We hope this video will help you understand our mindest.

Jan Kasl: In '89 people hoped for hundreds of unique new buildings in Prague

Radio Prague |
26 November 2019

Prague has obviously changed enormously over the last 30 years. But what have been the city's most, and least, impressive construction projects since the Velvet Revolution? After the Dancing House, why did interest in audacious projects seem to cool? Architect and former mayor of Prague Jan Kasl has the answers.

Brno's most beloved tram to return on November 30th

Brno Daily |
25 November 2019

Can you guess what are the most photographed things in Brno in the Christmas season? Thanks to Instagram and other social media sites, the whole world knows the Brno Ferris wheel and the beautifully decorated Christmas tram covered in lights.

10 best things to do in Prague this week |
25 November 2019

This week eat food inspired by a famous book, shop for Christmas beer or secondhand gifts, and catch a Czech magician in English.

En Experiment in Vivisection: Czechoslovakia's Second Republic 1938-1939

Radio Prague |
25 November 2019

As a result of the Munich Agreement of September 1938, Czechoslovakia ended up losing 30% of its territory, a third of its population and the greater part of its industry and raw materials. Few people had much faith in the country's long-term survival as a democracy amid dictatorships. It was, as Jan Masaryk put it, an "experiment in vivisection". The radio archives give a vivid picture of the consequences of that experiment, which was to last less than six months and end in occupation and eventually war.

Gustav Frištenský - The legendary Czech strongman with a heart of gold

Radio Prague |
25 November 2019

There is a Czech saying which goes "silný jako Frištenský", or to be "as strong as Frištenský". The trained butcher turned Greco-Roman wrestler became a legend in his country and his name remains embedded in popular memory and is also connected to streets, statues, gyms and even beer.

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