Friday, 16 August 2019


A legend set in stone: Šemík the talking horse, saviour of Sir Horymír

Radio Prague |
25 July 2019

In a small park just next to the Neumětely town cemetery, beneath a stone carved in the shape of a horse's head centuries ago, lies the reputed final resting place of Šemík the talking horse.

Active Brno: Establishing the running routine

Brno Daily |
24 July 2019

Summer is the best time of the year to start running. Some days it may be hot, but the mornings and evenings generally have the perfect temperature. Brno is full of runners and runs to use as motivation.

Honest Guide: Most amazing castle in CR

Honest Guide |
23 July 2019

Let's join us for an amazing boat trip from České Budějovice to some of the most beautiful places there are in the Czech Republic. Learn more about what can you do on the Vltava river.

Don't Miss: Lucerna Rooftop, balfolk and ukulele

By Narmin Ismiyeva | Prague Daily Monitor |
22 Jul 2019

You can start the week atop Lucerna Palace and end it listening to ukulele in Unětice brewery. Read on for more tips of the week.

Moon landing: the Czech experience

Radio Prague |
22 July 2019

The 1969 moon landing glued millions of people around the world to their TV sets 50 years ago. For Czechs and Slovaks, this historic event had a special, bittersweet, taste. Vít Pohanka spoke to two Czech journalists who had the unique opportunity to cover the Apollo flight both from the USA and Prague.

U Veselíků: Prague bathing spot in the midst of nature

Radio Prague |
23 July 2019

U Veselíků is one of Prague's oldest outdoor pools. The family-owned swimming pool located in the Divoká Šárka valley opened back in the 1930s and offers an ideal refuge from the scorching heat of the summer city.

The Apollo Moon landing - 50 years on

UniMedia |
22 July 2019

Is it time to go back? Or should we aim for Mars?

Mendel is...a beekeeper - festival honoring famous Brno scientist

Brno Daily |
19 July 2019

Gregor Mendel is not only known as a scientist – he was also a monk, a meteorologist, and many more. This year, the festival dedicated to one of the most famous Brno personalities focuses on Mendel's life as a beekeeper.

Culture shocks

By Anelya Kadyrova | Prague Daily Monitor |
22 Jul 2019

We have asked some foreigners who are temporarily residing in Prague for work or education reasons to share some of culture shocks that they have experienced in the Czech Republic.

Road warrior: Czech woman takes motorbike odyssey to Japan

Asahi Shimbun |
18 July 2019

After racking up 60,000 kilometers in 33 countries, a Czech motorcyclist has brought her long and winding journey to Japan. Dominika Gawliczkova set off from Tokigawa in June on her brand-new 125cc Honda Super Cub and will return to the town after a four- to five-month tour across the archipelago.

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