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Fun things to do in Prague this weekend |
28 August 2020

Mark the waning days of summer by celebrating 20 years of Strahov Brewery, local ice cream vendors, and vino.

Kampa Island: Prague's 'little Venice'

Radio Prague |
28 August 2020

Prague's Kampa Island, located on the west bank of the Vltava River, is among the Lesser Quarter's most idyllic and romantic spots. Many celebrated Czech actors, musicians and other artists have called Kampa home, no doubt drawn to its tranquil atmosphere, and the waterways reminiscent of Venice.

Volunteers tend to historic, long-neglected Jewish cemetery in Bohemia

Radio Prague |
28 August 2020

Honouring the dead and caring for burial grounds is among the highest mitzvahs – religious duties or good deeds – that an observant Jew can perform, as it is a service for someone who can never return the kindness. With few members of the once thriving Jewish communities of Bohemia and Moravia left to tend to the cemeteries, local volunteers often step in to help.

Czech tourist finds ammunition while diving near Sarande

Exit News |
27 August 2020

A Czech tourist made a startling discovery while diving just off the coast near Saranda, Albania. Some 20 metres from the shore, he dived underwater and with his camera found a large stash of ammunition.

This Czech zoo is working to save near-extinct northern white rhinos via IVF |
27 August 2020

Only two northern white rhinos are left anywhere in the world, and efforts to save the species are underway. readers share heartbreaking stories of forced separation |
27 August 2020

"We are humans and it is not humane not to be allowed to see your child, husband or wife...just because of my passport," one woman told Expats.

Newest Instagram hit in Prague

Honest Guide |
26 August 2020

Prague Eye is the newest addition to Prague's architecture. If you wanna chill by the river with a drink, this is the best place to go to - hello and welcome to Náplavka, Prague riverside.

Czechoslovak legionary's diary depicts First World War through unique illustrations

Radio Prague |
26 August 2020

A unique diary belonging to a Czechoslovak legionary named František Krejčí was recently discovered and published by his descendants. Filled with accomplished images, drawn by Krejčí himself, the diary provides a fascinating portrayal of a soldier's experiences on the Eastern Front.

Autumn is slowly arriving to the Czech Republic

By Irina Nikolaeva | Prague Daily Monitor |
25 Aug 2020

Get ready: colder days are just around the corner and it might be a good time to get that raincoat out. Weekdays are expected to be mild and sometimes sunny, meanwhile, the weekend will be windy and autumn-cold.

New picnic and barbecue area opens in Stromovka park |
24 August 2020

In the future, the Land05 studio hopes to build at least four more similar areas if this one proves popular. It features communal oak benches, tables and a grill area for guests.

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