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Prague local Jan and his arcade game museum

The Prague Post |
13 August 2015

Jan has been collecting the retro arcade games and opened his own arcade game museum in Prague. From Space Invaders to Pac Man, you can play it all here.

At Prague Pride with Conchita Wurst

By Emily Prucha | Prague Daily Monitor |
12 Aug 2015

Speaking with the Eurovision 2014 winner on her recent rise to fame and getting some advice for tough teenage years.

Emily Prucha is a Life Section columnist for the Monitor. She likes writing about bilingual and multicultural families.
You can reach her at You can read more of her stories here.

Dutch Kensington back in Prague

Prague TV |
12 August 2015

Dutch band Kensington is coming back to Rock Café. If you want to hear Dutch indie rock sounding more British than the original one from Britain don't miss the show on November 4.

Czech cycling federation founded

Bike Europe |
12 August 2015

It was one of the few European countries missing a national, non-profit cycling organization representing bicycle users. That made representatives of the main cycling NGO's lead by Nadace Partnerství decided to join forces and establish a new Czech cycling federation.

Czech duo offers contact, adventure-packed non-package holidays

Radio Prague |
12 August 2015

If you don't like organised trips abroad but you are not quite sure how to arrange a journey on your own, a new Czech travel agency called Travelove might be just the thing for you.

Plzeň to host multi genre festival

Prague TV |
11 August 2015

In the middle of August the streets of the Plzeň city center will come alive during the multi genre Vivid Street Festival. The Náměstí republiky square and the surrounding park areas will be mostly filled with music.

Pivovar Lužiny – Taking the Prague microbrew experience to a whole new level

Prague TV |
10 August 2015

Prague TV recently paid a visit to the newly opened Pivovar Lužiny, located in Prague's western suburbs – and came back pleasantly surprised.

Czech globetrotter arrives on Honda Monkey in Bamako

10 Aug 2015

Czech journalist and globetrotter Jaroslav Šíma has reached Bamako, 9,000 kilometres away from Prague, after a ride on a replica of the legendary mini bike Honda Monkey lasting 32 days.

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Czech spiders specialist raises alarm over species extinction

Radio Prague |
10 August 2015

According to a recent study, some three percent of the country's spider species have died out and about 50 percent are threatened with extinction.

Plzeň 2015 brings cultural revival, visitors influx

Radio Prague |
10 August 2015

The project Plzeň – European City of Culture 2015, which kicked off in grand style in January this year, is now at the halfway point. What have been the most popular events in the West Bohemian city?

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