Friday, 21 April 2017


Wallachian Kingdom – reporting from a land that doesn’t exist

Radio Prague |
16 October 2008

The Wallachian Kingdom – which has its own passports and currency - started as a practical joke, but soon grew into the most successful tourist venture in the country.

Two Czechs first Europeans to join the World Tea Union

Radio Prague |
16 October 2008

Not only does the Czech Republic have the highest number of tea rooms per person in Europe; Czechs have recently become the first Europeans to join the prestigious World Tea Union.

Bottled water flooding Czech market leaves sea of waste behind

Radio Prague |
15 October 2008

The Czech Republic is one of the biggest consumers of bottled water in Europe. With empty water bottles creating hundreds of tonnes of waste a year, not everyone is happy about the trend.

Czechs discovering green fashion

By Tereza Nosálková |
14 Oct 2008

A Czech fashion designer is paving the way for eco-friendly fashion, with outfits made from used electrical appliances.

Pavlov animal rescue centre successfully breeds & raises European mink

Radio Prague |
14 July 2014

Stanice Pavlov, a recognised animal rescue station in the Czech-Moravian highlands, succeeded after several years of set-backs in successfully breeding a litter of European mink.

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