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Mardi Gras with a Czech twist

Mankato Free Press |
24 February 2020

The Czech celebration of Mazopust — celebrated Sunday in Montgomery — shares a lot of parallels with Mardi Gras. It's one of many annual celebrations and parades held every year in the largely Czech communities of Montgomery, New Prague and Lonsdale.

10 best things to do in Prague this week |
24 February 2020

This week sees the first festival of Indian indie films hit Prague, while masopust rolls on and Let It Roll 2020 rolls into town.

Eda Kriseová: I understood the meaning of normalisation at Jan Zajíc's funeral

Radio Prague |
24 February 2020

When Eda Kriseová was barred from journalism after the 1968 Soviet-led invasion she chose an unlikely escape from the grim reality of that time: voluntary work at an isolated mental hospital.

Czech debate about Red Army monuments

Radio Prague |
24 February 2020

Monuments to the Soviet Red Army, which were part of the townscape for many years, now find themselves at the centre of a fierce, protracted debate which appears to be gathering momentum. The Prague 6 district authorities recently decided to remove a statue of the controversial Soviet Marshal Ivan Koněv, from their premises, but an important thoroughfare in another part of Prague still bears his name.

Prague uncovered: Emperor Rudolf II's tunnel |
21 February 2020

A 400-year-old water tunnel runs deep beneath the streets of Prague's Letná district

Half'n'Half: The Passport Game

By Emily Prucha | Half'n'half |
21 February 2020

In the age of Trump, when fear, nationalism, and racism have spread from the United States outward toward Europe and beyond, even raising my children in a fairytale village outside of Prague still doesn't keep them safe from the Trump-created crises that pop up on their social media and in the news.

New study results consistent with dog domestication during ice age

EurekAlert |
21 February 2020

Analysis of Paleolithic-era teeth from a 28,500-year-old fossil site in the Czech Republic provides supporting evidence for two groups of canids with differing diets, which is consistent with the early domestication of dogs.

Funding drive to build a better Prague Daily Monitor

Prague Daily Monitor |
20 Feb 2020

Since the last update we received several more contributions totaling CZK 3700. If you enjoy reading news in English about Prague and the Czech Republic, you can help us invest into a better, more modern, Prague Monitor. Thank you!

Brno Family: Inspire your kids at the Technology Museum

Brno Daily |
20 February 2020

There are several floors of fascinating exhibits at the Technical Museum of Brno, including many hands-on activities for kids.

STYL and KABO International Fashion Fair in Brno

Brno Daily |
19 February 2020

The 55th STYL International Fashion Fair and the 55th KABO International Footwear and Leatherwear Fair will take place from 22 to 24 February 2020 in Brno.

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