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Okoř in Indian summer

Grant's Prague Bike Blog |
29 September 2009

The 14th-century castle ruin is one of our favorite cycling destinations.

Climate change threatens Czech beer

By Josef Tuček | aktuálně.cz |
25 Sep 2009

With the increase of average temperatures, the quality of Žatec hops is becoming worse, according to a team of Czech and British scientists.

Plans for railway model of Czech Republic

Radio Prague |
25 September 2009

The owners of Prague's Railroad Kingdom are planning is to expand to a remarkable 1,000 square metres – and build a kind of mini Czech Republic.

Czech family trees

By Jan Handl | Respekt |
23 Sep 2009 is a new Czech social network that enables users to create electronic family trees, share family photos, organize family events and find their ancestors and relatives.

Špindlerův Mlýn gets ready for Extreme Golf tournament

Radio Prague |
21 September 2009

Four years ago, three friends including well-known Czech golf pro Alan Babický got it into their heads to bring Extreme Golf to the Czech Republic.

Hockey in the Czech Republic |
21 September 2009

The Czechs have had a fascinating hockey history which spans back only to the beginning of the 20th century.

World War 2: Czechs rise against Nazis |
22 September 2009

A widespread revolt has broken out against the Nazi authorities in the former Czech provinces of Bohemia and Moravia and Western Slovakia.

Squatters are not welcome

22 September 2009

Two recent incidents concerning squats and squatters in Prague have stirred up public interest in the subject.

Prague Planetarium goes digital

Radio Prague |
22 September 2009

A new, state-of-the-art, projection system allows onlookers to witness the skies as they were hundreds of years ago.

Burčák, mushrooms and falling leaves

Captain Oddsocks |
18 September 2009

By this time of year, keen observers will notice two things have appeared in great quantities in the Czech Republic. One is the cloudy, bottled liquid for sale at markets and streetside stalls and the other is the wicker baskets that people seem to have decided to carry all at once.

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