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Gardening in Prague |
15 July 2010

If you find yourself living in an apartment and missing the chance to dig around in the soil, there are some opportunities to get your hands dirty and perhaps grow something fresh as well.

Prague: Revealing tales of the unexpected |
14 July 2010

Looking beyond Prague's obvious attractions.

Summer brings emptiness into Prague

Radio Prague |
12 July 2010

The start of the summer holidays has a profound effect on life in the Czech capital.

Checking out Český ráj

Gusto |
9 July 2010

Exploring Český Ráj on a motorbike.

Expat Market 2010 recap |
9 July 2010

Sunshine, great food, a bouncy castle and a kitten

Iowa museum on road to recovery

Prague Post |
9 July 2010

Revamped Czech-Slovak museum set to open in 2012 after disastrous 2008 flood.

Jeweler's journey through artistic trends of the past

Prague Post |
9 July 2010

Cartier's exhibition links gems to the personalities who used to wear them.

Horror through a child's eyes

Prague Post |
9 July 2010

Jaroslava Skleničková's memoir of the Lidice massacre offers warmth amid tragedy.

Keen streets

Prague Post |
9 July 2010

Summer street theater returns to Kampa for eighth consecutive year.

Jan Rovenský: the evergreen environment campaigner

Radio Prague |
8 July 2010

For most of the last 17 years Jan Rovenský has been in the thick of most big environmental campaigns, apart from a short but enjoyable spell as a nature protection official at a state park.

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