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Psycho for Kids and Baby Punk: Czech children's writing since 1989

Radio Prague |
14 September 2009

Czech post-1989 children's writing and publishing is a world where poetry, music and visual art have come to overlap with some surprising results.

Not in sheep shape

Grant's Prague Bike Blog |
11 September 2009

From Černý Vůl to Velké Přílepy, to Úholičky, up the steep hill to Tursko, then through the countryside to Debrno, then down into Dolany, up to Kralupy nad Vltavou, and then the final stretch into Nelahozeves.

Divus: presenting alternative art in Prague and London

Radio Prague |
10 September 2009

Originally the concept of one Czech man, Ivan Mečl, Divus has grown into something of a mini art empire. The organization has offices in Prague, London and Berlin, and a magazine called Umělec published in Czech, Spanish, English and Chinese.

Shoot your mouth

Prague TV |
9 September 2009

The first Shoot Your Mouth event, open-mic with a comedic twist, is scheduled to take place on Sunday 13 September at Prague's Brick Bar.

Jewish Prague |
9 September 2009

The history of Judaism in the Czech Republic and contemporary Jewish culture.

Retro retreats

By Kateřina Heilmann | Prague Daily Monitor |
7 Sep 2009

Despite modern accoutrements, sleeping semirough may be falling out of favour. A trip to a recreational area on the Berounka river shows that Czechs are becoming less enthusiastic about spending weekends at their cottages.

Kateřina Heilmann is a staff writer and translator at the Monitor. She likes writing about cycling and culture.
You can reach her at You can read more of her stories here.

Breaking out of the doldrums

Grant's Prague Bike Blog |
7 September 2009

I went on a ride with my two lovely ladies a few days ago. It was a beautiful day, and we were all feeling a bit lazy for some reason. So I suggested we hop on our bikes and take a ride down to Roztoky, get a beer and a bite to eat at Hospůdka Zvířátka, and cycle back.

Blowing their horns

Prague Post |
4 September 2009

Prague has several good, centrally located jazz clubs, but their schedules are generally indistinguishable.

Ten days that shook the world

Prague Post |
4 September 2009

A photo exhibit kicks off the 20th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution and places events in a larger context.

Relax already: massage in Prague |
2 September 2009

Among the many changes that have occurred in Prague over the last decade, massage is one of the most remarkable. Prague’s offerings include an ever-growing list of massage therapies, and here's the breakdown.

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