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A pioneering Czech academic explores how our native tongue influences the way we see the world

Radio Prague |
12 April 2010

What goes on in our mind when we learn a foreign language? Why do we find it so much harder than learning our mother tongue? And what can we do to make the often painful process of learning languages easier? These are just a few of the questions that have long fascinated the Czech psycholinguist Barbara Schmiedtová.

Czech myths |
9 April 2010

A glimpse into ancient Czech historical beliefs

Teplá abbey seeks to make a comeback in straitened circumstances

Radio Prague |
8 April 2010

Once an enterprising religious community that was the main force in developing the whole region of western Bohemia now undergoes a restoration.

Age-old Easter traditions alive and well in Hlinsko

Radio Prague |
7 April 2010

For many Czechs, Easter goes much further beyond the Christian tradition of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The popular pomlázka, or whipping of women with braided willow sticks, is just one of the customs that have survived around the country from before the arrival of Christianity.

What do you mean teddy hasn't been?!!

Radio Prague |
7 April 2010

A couple of months ago a Czech firm came up with an idea so wacky, when most people first heard of it, they thought it was something like an April Fool's joke.

In eastern Europe, pact with Russians raises old specters

The New York Times |
7 April 2010

As President Dmitri A. Medvedev of Russia and President Barack Obama prepare to arrive in Prague on Thursday to sign a landmark arms control treaty, Marcela Balounová, like many Czechs, remains haunted by her memories of 1968, when nearly one million Warsaw Pact troops invaded Czechoslovakia, ushering in a period of political repression.

Respekt Weekly Round-up

Respekt |
6 Apr 2010

Melting snow and citizens' lack of interest ended the ski season. Clocks sprung forward. After 160 years, the post office stopped receiving and delivering telegrams.

A Czech city reclaims its past

The New York Times |
6 April 2010

Huge hunks of rusting iron and coal dust might not seem like ideal catalysts for a cultural revival. But a former mining town in the Czech Republic that once epitomized Communist-era bleakness is embracing its industrial heritage, with a little help from punk rock, an all-night party street and a "castle" made of steel.

Top ten daytrips from Olomouc

The Journeys of Captain Oddsocks |
6 April 2010

The Czech capital is not the only place that works well as base for daytrips.

Method Man plays SaSaZu

Prague TV |
2 April 2010

Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man returns to Prague on Friday 2 April to headline the Hip Hop Allstars Black night at SaSaZu.

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