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Music from heaven

Prague Post |
27 January 2010

Were Mozart himself to reach from beyond and hand-pick the band for his birthday party at the Estates Theater today, he could not do better than Collegium 1704, conducted by early-music aficionado Václav Luks.

Aussies and Kiwis can agree on having a good time

Prague Post |
26 January 2010

Every year, Aussie and Kiwi folk alike come together to celebrate their respective independence days. This year, they're gathering today at Prague's Restaurace Jáma to celebrate the way they know best: with meat pies, lamingtons and plenty of beer.

Czechoslovakia: The State That Failed

Prague TV |
14 January 2010

David Vaughan's review of a controversial book by the American historian Mary Heimann "Czechoslovakia: The State That Failed".

Resumption: The Gears of 1989

World Affairs |
15 January 2010

One day in October 1989, in a Prague fish restaurant long since privatised, Václav Havel sat down to be interviewed by a British journalist, Michael Žantovský recalls times when he was a spokesperson of president Havel.

Stand-up comedian Geoff Whiting comes to Propaganda

Prague TV |
11 November 2010

British stand-ups Geoff Whiting and Diane Spencer are the special guests at Propaganda's latest comedy night, on Thursday, 11 October.

Are books dead?

Prague Post |
11 November 2010

The Prague Post hosts a literary discussion entitled "Are Books Dead?" on 18 November at 7pm at Prague's National Gallery.

Moldavite fever in south Bohemia

Radio Prague |
11 November 2010

In addition to garnets, the Czech Republic can offer the world one other semi-precious stone found almost exclusively on its territory – a bottle-green gemstone going by the name of moldavite.

Interview with interior design expert Věra Rašková

Leaders Magazine |
10 November 2010

Věra founded her interior design company almost 20 years ago. Since then, she has participated in many hotel and private interior designs, together with many renowned Czech and international architects.

Get your Czech Beaujolais on with the Feast of St. Martin's

Prague Post |
10 November 2010

Everyone loves a harvest feast, and the Czechs are no exception.

Guachass play Chapeau Rouge

Prague TV |
9 November 2010

Guachass is a stoner rock band formed in 2004 in Montevideo, Uruguay. As part of their first European tour, they will play at Chapeau Rouge tonight.

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